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Grounded in the idyllic Mediterranean, I travel the world. Inspired to share the best experiences, my views are informed by my passion to live and preserve life instead of just watching it. Dine at the finest restaurants, indulge in the rarest wines, but always balance your lifestyle with natural temperance to rejuvenate the body and soul.


Invigorate your body and soul


Make living a more pleasurable experience. Be as mindful of delicious food, nature expressing liquids like wine and gourmet products like chocolate, as the air we consume daily


Complement your wellbeing with healthy food, tea, spa and by slowing down. Open all your senses to life & you will find youth in every moment. Harmony is graceful


Engage with the place, its people and their lifestyle when travelling and find your favourite destination. Travel for joy, inspiration and learning. Traveling is life’s greatest university


Enrich your life through art, intellectual activity and by engaging mindfully in daily necessities like cooking. The ultimate luxury is when you can do what feels great in the moment


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Recent Stories


Frenchie: the coiffeur of the new French bistro in Covent Garden

Embracing the outside world is the new Parisian attitude. At least in culinary terms. This means being influenced by global cuisines of the chef’s travels while using local, superb ingredients ...

Samovar Tea & lounge: grounding through connection with tea in San Francisco

The unvirtual reality of your mind connected to your self is a different lifestyle from the always distracted online world. Samovar Tea & lounge in San Francisco wants you to ...
Thumbnail Buenos Aires street art

Buenos Aires: trip-worth expression of Latin America’s street art

Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina is the 'metropolis-meets-affluent-versus-real-life' epitome of untamed politics of the South American continent. Democratic on the surface, but harming its own people through unstable ...

Route du Gout: the road to organic Monaco

The price of land in Monaco is the highest in the world, so it came naturally that the first Michelin starred fully organic restaurant is located there. In Monaco now, ...
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