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Wine awakens passion, brings people together, stirs curiosity and involves most senses. We admire authentic winemakers respecting tradition as well as innovators pushing the boundaries of great wine


High quality real chocolate made mostly from unadulterated cocoa. Nourishing, when not cheated by artificial flavours, too much processing and sugar. We prefer fair trade, pure chocolates with natural ingredients made by true artisans


Gastronomic moments for special occasions, farm-to-table sourcing, casual bistros and generous home cooking. From award-winning chefs to the comforting food of Italian mamas, we show you where to indulge


Travel to spoil yourself, to places where cravings receive plenty of stimulation. We found the most charming wineries, best pastry boutiques in Paris, most seductive chocolates in Turin, freshest coffee in São Paulo or soup dumplings in Shanghai


Recent Stories

Eska: searching for Czech authenticity, yet with a hipster foodie aura in Prague

Eska bakery and restaurant in Karlín is Prague's upscale echo of San Francisco's Tartine Manufactory. A must go for foodies interested in the made-from scratch, baked, fermented, and pickled slow-food ...

Rouge Tomate Chelsea: sustainable fine dining setting precedent in New York

Rouge Tomate, the first vegetable-focused Michelin stared restaurant in New York switched coats for more casual, holistic, locavore and sustainable dining. Like the soon to be opened hyper locally seasonal ...

Le 1947 restaurant at the Cheval Blanc hotel, Courchevel: guest as the centrepiece, food the masterpiece

There are only five tables at the freshly three Michelin starred Le 1947 restaurant. Not many restaurants can afford seating just a pinch of diners, but we are at the ...
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