No, I don’t want to advice you to become a thief or to point at a commercial introduction of a new product where the opportunists pretend how much they like the wine just to get more for free.
Instead, I want to take you to a wine bar inside the Julius Meinl supermarket in Vienna.
Julius Meinl am Graben isn’t just one of the grocery stores, it is the first one and attracts food and drinks lovers from all Vienna for its first class selection of foods, drinks and the tastiest delicatessen you can’t even imagine.
In the wine section you will find top Austrian wines but also stairs taking you down into a cosy and modern wine bar. There you can enjoy the signature Austrian wines by glass while dipping and picking from the various tasty tapas and even sushi and sashimi of the highest quality.
Delicious tapas plate at Meinl's Weinbar
Meinl’s Weinbar was packed with guests even in the middle of the day. Wine and champagne lovers were indulging in their liquids with shopping bags resting by their feet – a nice break from monotonous grocery shopping.
Vienna: Meinl's wine bar
Back in Britain. Are you for introducing this concept to our supermarkets here?
I don’t think that Tesco would surprise you with some outstanding wines. However, what about Waitrose or Marks and Spencer? They have some nice bottles on offer so why not to have a glass?