Art in Napa Valley thrives. In their excellent book The Art & Science of Wine James Halliday & Hugh Johnson, renowned Masters of Wine, propagate winemaking as an art form. Some wineries go even further. Art exhibitions at wineries and putting artworks on their label became increasingly popular. The most famous wine clan in France commissioning famous artists were the Rotschields. Crafting their Moutons into pure art masterpieces were Picasso, Bacon, even Prince Charles.
AERENA Galleries in Saint Helena painting by Chase Langford
Napa Valley in California is catching up with this Bordeaux flamboyance. As penchant for art penetrates the entire valley, art exhibitions at wineries, wine shops as well as multiple galleries comfort pleasure-seeking visitors. The loveliest art town in the Napa area is Saint Helena. Here, in the northern part of the Valley, art exhibitions at spacious galleries with pieces made mainly by local artists rub shoulders with small independent boutique art. One of the best is AERENA Galleries in Saint Helena that sells also paintings by Chase Langford, who was inspired by geography. His soil-centric canvases resonate with the terroir concept in winemaking.

At the Rombauer winery the imagination does not have boundaries. Painted cows or sculptures made of wine bottles inside their garden surround the tasting room. Dunn has also recently introduced their contemporary art collection to its rich wine club members.
F.F. Coppola's vintage car at Rubicon Estate
For some vintage cars are the highest form of art. Those of you won’t come short in Napa. Farniente, Rubicon Estate, Palmaz Vineyards and many other winery owners proudly show off their private collection of old cars. Who would expect anything like that in a wine country? In America everything seems possible.
A "mushroom garden" at Domaine Chandon
The opulent Domaine Chandon, owned by the luxurious French conglomerate LVHM, is the home of a vast garden with scattered, humble mushroom sculptures. Simply cute. Another French luxury behemoth, Francois Pinault recently purchased the iconic Eiselle vineyard. Inside the historic house expect extraordinary art pieces, just do not take your camera out, since photography of the interior is not allowed. A great reason to visit in person, if you can.
Napa artpig sculpture
Hotels follow the art trend too. Auberge du Soleil, the signature luxurious hotel of Napa Valley, has installed multiple sculptures in its gardens, while the rooms are decorated with paintings acquired mainly from local galleries. The flying pig [photo above] in the lobby area is amusing.
Superb restaurants such as The Charter Oak and Farmstead (located conveniently across from each other) draw visitors in not just for wine, art, but also great locally sourced food. Enjoy Saint Helena and all the Napa art!