I am a big fan of sustainability. I think that being in harmony with nature is necessary for our survival in the not so distant future. In the past decades we have been constantly remained not just by the environmentalists, but also by a growing number of scientists from other disciplines, that we should respect the nature as our ancestors did before the industrial revolution literally turned everything upside down.
It is encouraging to see that many winemakers as well as chefs embraced sustainable practices in their professions and more turn to it every year. One of the pioneers of organic and sustainable winemaking in South America was the Chilean winery Cono Sur.
In this insightful video they explain their approach:
I have recently tasted the Cono Sur’s Sauvignon Blanc Reserva as well as their Reserve Merlot. The Sauvignon was zesty and fresh as is typical for this white wine, but it was more complex than the average Sauvignon Blanc. I encountered some candy floss and honeyed flavours making it an interesting aperitif and also a great fit to seafood dishes.
The Merlot with its sharp acidity and mouth awaking tannins was more of a food wine. Black berries with smoked meat character on the backbone with a masculine character ideal with meat dishes such as veal or even a duck.
Cono Sur is surely reaching beyond its Chilean borders. You can get it in Europe, in the US as well as in Singapore and other countries in Asia.