An innovative gastronomic indulgence in Spain is renown around the world. The Best Restaurant in the World award was snapped by a few Spaniards – El Celler de Can Roca and the late El Bulli, who push/ed Spanish cooking beyond its traditional boundaries. The local fearless master chefs use innovative techniques of food preparation. In the South, blending African and Southern European ingredients as well as cooking approaches sets the region apart as a food heaven of its own merit. In Seville, some tapas bars are laboratories of flavors serving original small plates with the flame of sun.
Tapa creation at La BullaHelpful waiter offering samples of wines

La Bulla

the feminine version of El Bulli, at least by its name, makes excellent food. Everything we ate there was unique, delicious and fun. Its name reflects its location just next to the Seville’s legendary bullfighting ring. It is convenient to get a tapa there before or after seeing a bullfight or an intense flamenco performance at a nearby theater.

Its decor is contemporary, in what steel meets glass of style. It is very comfortable and fun watching the entire kitchen in action. The friendly staff answered all of our annoying questions without a hesitation, you will practically get a full recipe.
La Bulla tapas in Seville inside
The open kitchen at La Bulla tapas in Seville
The "wine corner" at La Bulla tapas and restaurant in Seville
The wine by the glass choosing can turn out into a wine tasting session. The tapas bar has even a small corner dedicated to the wines by the glass. After trying them all I went for a glass of white Albariño (by Palacio Bornos, Rueda) and later red juicy Tempranillo from Ribera del Duero (by Mayorazgo).
Manchego with membrillo & crumble

The quality of ingredients is the key to success of any restaurant and et La Bulla the choice exemplary. A plate of manchego cheese would not surprise most of frequent consumers of Spanish food. Yet, a plate of excellent Manchego would be memorable. At La Bulla they serve this aged sheep cheese with a homemade spicy membrillo fruit chutney and a crumble of nuts, ham and onions. Palate-blowing! A glass of sherry the waiter suggested washed it down nutty well.
Goat cheese salad
A melting Goat Cheese Salad with a glazed honey cover was treated to an eclectic dressage. Sun-dried tomatoes, corn, red and green peppers, a blend of lettuces and La Bulla’s bread crumble bathed generously in olive oil. Again a nutty sherry or any aromatic white wine such as the Albarino from the Rueda region that I had snug well.

Next, our tapa of long-tailed Fried Shrimps on crisp potato fries, shaved so thinly more like string chips, dipped into the red pepper mayonnaise was the ultimate oomph!
To finish we got a Risotto with mushrooms and truffle oil. Our highly spoiled palates were satisfied to that level that, I waxed even the last grain of rice off the plate. A platano (less sweet type of banana) chip twisting graciously like a crown on the rice hill.
Address: 26 Calle 2 de Mayo, Sevilla
Contact: +34 953 219 262

Al Aljibe

offers a creative cuisine in a youthful setting. On the Alameda de Hercules Square most young Sevillans hang out every evening. Al Aljibe is a restaurant upstairs inside as well as on a lovely terrace outside with one of the most romantic atmospheres in Seville. Tucked up and away from the noisy Cathedral and Alfalfa districts, it is an ideal place for a relaxing dinner. Visiting it on Sunday night was ideal for us.
Modern interior of Al Aljibe restaurant and tapas in Seville
The food tastes great, but it is not really local or typical Spanish. The service can be rather relaxed. The Foie Gras was delicate, melting in your mouth like a slice of butter, with a pear puree and fruit jelly. The fruit cake it was served with was homemade, but quite disappointing, The bread served before the meal was very good, so one can have it with the foie gras.
Foie Gras a la Al Aljibe
A delightful contemporary take on a Turbot bedded on aubergine with walnuts and Moroccan argan oil, blood oranges and pistachio oil was really enjoyable. With a glass of round Tempranillo from Ribera del Duero (by Carabato) the quite opposite flavors harmonised each other perfectly.
Turbot with eggplant puree
Since the service was so slow and we were ripe to go to bed we skipped the desserts. Judging from the tables around us, they looked seductively. Come eat here when you have all evening at your disposal as the relaxed music and slow service might move you soon into the realm of dreams.
Address: 76, Alameda de Hercules, Sevilla 41002
Contact: +34 954 900 591