Cuisine: Brazilian Rodizio (=rotating) style – an unlimited quantity of BBQ as well as all-you-can-eat delicacies from a buffet bar can be consumed on one occasion for a fixed price.
Visit: December 2012
Meat tray: brought to your taste buds attention
Price: Medium (R$ 92,00 for how much you can overeat it is a bargain per person, drinks are extra but if you are over 70 years old then you get a 20% discount).
"Sim = Yes" I want a slice of this irresistible meat!
Food: Abundant and honest BBQ meats and typical Brazilian dishes. Everything is fresh, made to be very tasty and appealing for the eye. Porçao is one of the best Rodizios in Rio and it is no wonder that it is so popular as every time I have eaten there it was packed with jolly diners and the food was superb.
From the large appetizer buffet you simply choose anything of your taste that fits on your plate. From vegetable, pasta and seafood salads to marinated fish, meat cuts and even sushi and some warm dishes such as risotto, potatoes, fish or steamed seafood. It is impossible to fit everything on one plate, but you can do a second or even a third round if the meat on skewers, boards, sticks that is about to come straight to your table in frequent intervals will not sate you.
Appetizer buffet
The rule is keep your little round card in front of you on its red side if you do not want the “passadors” (meat servers) to stop by and slice you the animal delicacy on your plate. Turn it to green saying “SIM” meaning YES in portuguese when you want to savor the passador’s ‘catch’. Beware, it all smells so good and when you see the others around you having slice of that or something else you might eat more than you can possibly manage and the following night can turn into an uncomfortable turning and whining in bed.
Appetizer buffet
It is wise to sample small pieces of the meats as the desserts are super-seductive so keep some space for them. A bottle or two of wine can help you with digestion of this Brazilian feast. On the desserts tray do not miss out the opportunity to try the local “Brigadeiros”. The small dulce de leche based sweet balls are very popular and a must-try during your visit in Brazil. The global sweet treat of a chocolate cake or the French macaroons and profiteroles can additionally enhance your over-indulgent dining experience at Porcao.
Brazilian desserts tray
Atmosphere: Lively, casual and welcoming. Wear anything you feel comfortable in as this is a very casual place. Many birthdays, parties, and other merry occasions take place at the restaurant. It is indeed the place anyone can experience the Brazilian welcoming and relaxed hospitability. It is a huge restaurant (although rather a medium size in Chinese sense) so it is not necessary to book a table ahead if you are willing to wait for a bit.
Red blend exclusively made for Porcao
Drinks:  A server comes with a tray of colorful cachacas – the popular local cocktail based on casaca and usually some fruits. Maracuja, pineapple and mango are high on my list. This cocktail is also an excellent aperitif. With the meaty menu I would advice to continue with a big and juicy red wine that complements the boldness of the food. Porcao has its own blend from Portugal so you can go for that. Malbec from Argentina is another great pick as it is made for being consumed together with meat. Our choice of the powerful red wine from San Pedro de Yacochuya near the Argentina’s Cafayate in the province of Salta that was purely made on my unforgettable experience tasting the bold wines with my sister at the winery, but it turned to be a great choice for all the food especially the characterful meat. Its high concentration and higher alcohol content both can catch up with the intense flavors of the meat.
Big and juicy red wines with steak
Opening hours: Tuesday-Thursday: 12noon – 12:00pm; Friday-Sat: 12noon-01:30 am; Sunday & holidays: 12noon-11pm.
Address: Rua Barão da Torre, 218, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Contact: Tel: +(55) 21 3202 9158 and reservations online.