Silver Cloud no 96 is a white tea from Oodoowera Estate in Ceylon where “the heavens touch the Earth“. Kept tender by the gentle mists which shroud the mountain, Silver Cloud tea is then collected by expert pickers using a velvet cloth to hold the tea buds, preserving the characteristic silvery white fur. It has sweetish background a mild taste like a great vine the flavours linger long on the palate. This tea has a delicate and subtle flavour.
Silver Cloud: no 96 white tea from Oodoowera Estate in Ceylon
Origin: Ceylon
IMPORTER: The East India Company
Brewing: 85C First brew: 8mins Second brew: 10mins – 2 infusions
Dosage: 1 tea-spoon (1g) for a cup (200ml)
Strength: 1
Appearance: Silvery grey coloured infusion that is true to its name as the silvery white fur of the tea buds that was preserved during careful picking by experts remains characteristic of this rare tea.
Taste: Delicately fruity, tender and smooth showing light honeydew and cantaloupe melons on the otherwise extremely soft and smooth palate. Very easy to drink and those of you who do not like sharp pungency of tannins will love this tea for its lightness as a feather.
Pairing: fresh seafood, scallops or other delicate foods, that do not overpower the subtle white tea.