Rich in antioxidants and low in caffeine this rare tea can be drunk throughout the day for a healthy enjoyment of its exotic spicy taste. It is a rare treat though and one should have save it for a special occasion. The Silver Dawn White Tea with Saffron does not make an everyday cup of tea – it should be savoured thoroughly and with patience. This is a character building tea.

Origin: Ceylon
IMPORTER: The East India Company
Brewing: 90 C for 6-8mins
Dosage: 1 tea-spoon (1.5g) for a cup (200ml); one infusion.
Strength: 2
Appearance: Deep Iodine-like yellow with reddish tinges from saffron.
Taste: Mild yet refreshing with exotic fruity depth and dominant saffron pungent aroma and kick. It is an interesting tea, yet the saffron overshadows the beauty of the tea so it is hard to distinguish it in the blend.
Pairing: Risotto, steamed dishes such as chicken breast, seafood linguine.