The Tea Companion is a sip of history, a gist of tea production and a mini guide of tea ware. This concise and well-written book gives any beginner or a serious tea connoisseur a great foundation for his/her journey towards mastery of tea appreciation.
The Tea Companion: Jane Pettigrew
The author Jane Pettigrew is an experienced and extensively published Englishwoman based in London, thus the book‘s credibility is assured. The Tea Companion is a valuable and trustworthy guide to buying, preparing, understanding and thus more appreciating and better selecting tea.
In today’s affluent world of options, it is challenging for most of us to make the right choices. The more there is available to us, the more difficult it becomes to find the right selection for oneself.
Whether the The Tea Companion and its well of wisdom should suit your own taste or you would like to give someone tea, it is useful peaking into the “Global Tea Directory” inside this book. The paperback is supplemented with maps, colourful illustrations, photographs and most importantly the essential information like the brewing time and the distinguishing characteristics of the many of the world’s most known teas.
Attractively designed and straightforward, The Tea Companion is a great starter book for anyone serious about tea drinking. Doing it right uplifts the experience to another level – one becomes the connoisseur of tea.
Moreover, there are some food pairing and tea party organising tips addressing the social aspects of tea entertaining. So begin your own well-versed journey to tea appreciation by diving into The Tea Companion.