Interior of Baklazhan
Atmosphere: A member of the high-end restaurant entourage owned by the Ginza project group, Baklazhan merges tradition with contemporary flare as it is reliably serving authentic Georgian and Uzbekh cuisine in a fancy modern setting. Located in a luxurious shopping mall (Galeria Shopping Center), Baklazhan follows the trend of some the very good restaurants with practically solving parking and other issues related to an independent existence. Do not judge book from its cover though. It is not commercial and the service is friendly and professional. Its colourful design features from the former Soviet countries are uplifted by modern and comfortable soft chairs, funky lights and glass jars displayed in see-through shelves. It is a family friendly restaurant with a children corner (there is even a living turtle) and menu specially prepared for the little ones.
Baklazhan - vegetarian pkhali with flat bread qutabs
Food: Oriental cuisine prepared in a tandoor, brazier or a grill that will bring the southern style of the former Soviet cuisines to your plate. The food is so varied that one might get lost in the abundant selection. Dishes such as Eggplant medallions, sautéed, baked with Suluguni cheese, fried with nuts, stuffed with chicken liver or Eggplant in rolls stuffed with homemade cottage cheese offer flexibility and many are delicious.
Try typical Georgian vegetable and mayonnaise based Pkhali salads served as small buns and ideally eaten with the deliciously soft and chewy flat bread qutabs. There are pictures of the food on the menu, which is very helpful for anyone not familiar with these cuisines. Many of the dishes look too good to be missed so it might be challenging to choose. The friendly English-speaking staff is very helpful though and ready to advise you according to your taste preferences.
Picture menu tempting the taste buds
The meat-lovers are going to feel like in a gastronomic heaven with the breath of the meat dishes on the menu. From kebabs, skewers and grilled meat to boiled and tandoor oven baked lamb, chicken, beef or even a goat, one can broadly savour being a carnivore.
Cuisine: Georgian, Uzbekh.
Visit: May 2013
Price: Medium high.
Drinks: Try one of the typical black teas with pieces of real fruit as a part of the brew. They are already sweetened but you can add up with a tempting selection of sugar candies served with it. It is no fake here, as you pick strawberries and other fresh fruits from your teapot, you might be reminded of a spanish sangria yet, strangely enough for Russia, there is no alcohol in it. Good wine selection offering some of the aromatic Georgian wines from indigenous grapes will please the “vinoholics“.
Address: 4th floor, Galleria shopping mall, Ligovsky prospect, 30A, St Petersburg, Russia.
Contact: Tel: + 7 (812) 677 73 72
Opening hours: Daily from 10am until last client.