Provenance of Cocoa Beans: 75 % cocoa from Bali
Producer:Patrick Roger – an award-winning French chocolatier with his own stores exclusively offering the entire range of high quality chocolate and cocoa products across Belgium and France. Patric Roger’s remarkable chocolate sculptures adorn his purist boutiques.
Price: €7 per 100g bar.

Taste: Quirky sweet fruits with unusual flavors such as mango and papaya. Floral aromas dominate the palate, with exotic orchids in particular. Its raw and slightly awkward character makes a good option for the real chocolate aficionados who appreciate its natural character. Its is well-balanced with either tannins or acidity shouting over each other on the palate.
Bali might not ring with “cocoa” to most chocolate lovers, yet the island of Java is not far and Philippines just a bit North and the later is where the chocolate story started for South-East Asia after being brought from Mexico. Bali is an island in Indonesia and you can see many chocolates made from cocoa widely noted as being of an Indonesian origin. The natural diverse ecosystem of Bali lends distinct flavors to its cocoa beans.
Score: © ****
Buy: At the online shop (closed for summer) and at French and Brussels retail boutiques.
© My scores are from * to *****+:
* – hardly palatable chocolate not worth the money and you would not want to buy again unless you needed purely to satisfy your urgent sugar rush;
** – average chocolate not focused on quality but rather bursting with “empty” calories;
*** – high quality ingredients undermined by the chocolatier’s processing, so the resulting taste is just satisfactory;
**** – enjoyable high-quality chocolate you want to share with others;
***** – outstanding quality and unique touch of the chocolatier that are pleasure to taste and you want to share with your nearest friends and family;
*****+ – heaven on earth for the palate!!! Amazing ingredients highlighted by the chocolatier’s superb skills, so one wants to eat it on every special occasion possible and almost never share with others. !Highly addictive!