Lingering in the hands of one French family for more than 330 years, Dalloyau is a unique enterprise in Paris. Creating ‘haute-gastronomique’ pastries, chocolates, ice-creams and even savoury breads (its breads captured the Luis XIV. king and spurred the generations of branches of the Dalloyau tree) and cooked dishes – the house employs cooks, pastry chefs, chocolate makers, confectioners, ice-cream makers and bakers all under one roof.
Dalloyau chocolate box
Much older than the hyped-up and overtly commercial La Durée (founded as a bakery in 1862), Dalloyau served sweet and savoury pastries to the French court since 1682. In their court days the Dalloyau family was wearing the very prestigious title of “Officier de bouche“, the highest French gastronomy distinction at the time. The Versailles-based kings savoured the delicatessen made by Dalloyau until the Revolution brought down the kingdom. In the new Republic era, the family opened their own house of delicatessen in Paris and started the long-term romance with the astute Parisian palates.
Dalloyau chocolate bars
Today, Dalloyau has branches and shops also outside France – in Japan, Korea and the Middle East. Perhaps their most known delicacy is their Opéra cake created in 1955. Consisting of lean layers of dark Venezuela chocolate (70% cacao), biscuit infused with coffee and coffee-infused cream, the sweet delight conceived so “one bite would give the whole cake’s taste“.
Another speciality – Le Cake d’Amour, celebrates the art of French cinema.
Opera cake by Dalloyau
Dalloyau is not just a place to buy something tasty, in Paris the good-life savouring bourgeois can sit down and enjoy an upscale breakfast pastry, freshly made lunch or a splendid dessert treat with a cup of tea or coffee at one of its cafés. It is beautifully decorated inside and if the sun tempts one out, there are white rounded and gold enamelled tables outside, that would not insult even a member of the royalty.
Dallolyau Paris cafe
The choice from chocolate pralines, ganaches and truffles is awash and a devilish temptation for the sugar conscious population. Good news is that all the chocolates are made without any preservatives and other vegetal fats other than cacao butter. The antioxidant-rich Ganaches pures origines, are pure chocolate treats composed of either cocoa from Venezuela, Ecuador, Ivory Coast or Madagascar. The chocolate bar selection is limited, yet quality is outstanding. The Dark chocolate bar with grapefruit stands out not only for originality and depth of taste, but also for its balance between bitter cocoa tones, sweetness and acidity from the grapefruit.
Dallolyau chocolate pralines
The pralines are the most characteristic produce of the house. The Dalloyau recipes show the skills of their chocolatiers. Whether it is a simple praline with hazelnuts from Piedmont, creamy caramel with salt flakes from the French Guérande region or the more complex creations such as praline infused with tea, lemon zest or filled with fruit jelly, it all depends on personal taste preferences. From the Praliné Maison DALLOYAU my palate can highly recommend the Levander ganache enrobed in dark chocolate as its fragrant aroma wonderfully paired with a cup of black tea, but also the Sated Caramel ganache for its wonderful, although sticky balance and a refreshing salty kick. The half-and-half Marzipan and creamy praline was also intriguing in its complex and textured duality.
Dallolyau Paris boutique interior
Salon de thé DALLOYAU:
 101, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré – 75008 Paris
 Daily from 8h30am – 9pm
Restaurant: Weekdays: 8:30am- 7:30pm; Weekend: 9am- 7pm
 +33 1 42 99 90 00