Jean Paul Hevin is not just a top-notch chocolatier with ultra-luxe boutiques sprinkled across Paris, but he also personally controls all stages of the chocolate making from finding the most suitable cocoa beans in Africa, Indonesia and South America to crafting unique choco objects to please the palate and the eye at the same time. Influenced by the legendary chef Joel Robuchon and the Japanese culture, he won his first international pastry prize and successfully entered the prestigious competition for the Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 1986.
Jean Paul Hevin chocolate with cheese
Hevin travels directly to the sources of cocoa, from which he later masterminds his chocolate marvels – some are more traditional truffles, pralines and ganaches, but many others are groundbreaking (he was one of the first, if not the inventor itself, to craft chocolate with cheese together in one bite). From Europe to Asia, the savvy gourmets can appreciate his groundbreaking creations bought at his tastefully designed boutiques.
J.P.Hevin cocoa visiting a plantation
Jean Paul Hevin is a multi-tasker making chocolates, sweet pastries, macaroons, but he also blends own teas and writes books mainly about chocolate. More, he constantly searches for something new. Surprising his fans with innovative flavours (Gemme – smoked Chinese tea with bitter dark chocolate, Womangreen tea and marzipan ganache with bergamot enrobed in dark chocolate, and much more), making chocolate with cheese, Stilettos (€58), Sunglasses and Eiffel Tower or his Easter play with eggs, are all little chocolate wonders.
J.P. Hevin chocolate with cheese
Hevin’s perhaps most discernible concept are his chocolates with cheese (€16.20 for 16 pieces). Goat cheese is paired with crushed hazelnuts and enveloped in a thin layer of dark chocolate. The shiny coat covering Epoisse displays strawy touch of cumin. The blue Roquefort saltness is tamed by chopped deep flavours of walnuts. Pont l’Evêque squared in dark chocolate is enlivened by a pinch of dried thyme. You can enjoy these morsels with a glass of deep red wine (Bordeaux blend or lighter wines for the goat cheese) or a cup of black tea (the earthy Chinese Pu-erh goes especially well with the Roquefort).

Pure chocolate by Jean Paul Hevin

As most of the chocolatiers today Jean Paul Hevin offers single origin chocolate tablets from Caribbean, Madagascar, Central & South America, Java and other locations known for producing high quality cocoa, but he also creates his own blends and even a sugar-free bar for diabetics (Fitness 80% cocoa sweetened by maltitol).
APURIMA 75% is a vibrant chocolate from Peru. Its high acidity, floral notes and raw hazelnut with walnut flavours guarantee complex pleasure on the palate.
CUBA 75% boosts with an unroasted hazelnut-dominant flavour, fresh cocoa powder, youthful green tannins and long fresh aftertaste.

Jean Paul Hevin pastry creations

From his deserts, the highlights are: Caracas – bitter dark chocolate biscuit layered with dark chocolate mousse with vanilla aromas and glazed in a dark chocolate;
Tonka – a crisp leafy pastry with a biscuit rich with almonds and tonka beans, a black Venezuelan chocolate mousse covered with creamy tonka bean, toppled with a dark chocolate mousse;
Yuzu – a thin crisp pastry with a zesty creamy layer of Japanese citrusy-tasting yuzu and chocolate mouse dusted with dark cocoa, that is perfectly balanced, refreshing and not too sugar tasting;
Longchamp chocolat noir –  a French meringue core is softened by Praline mousse, and wrapped in black chocolate filled with nuggets of toasted almonds on hazelnut dacquoise.
pastry by Jean Paul Hevin
You can taste all of his pastries, interesting hot chocolates (pure Grand Crus, hot chocolate served with Japanese matcha tea, strawberry coulis or even more outrageous pairing with chocolate – the oysters, …), teas alongside light salads and warm lunch dishes at his popular Café located just above his boutique at Rue Saint-Honoré. It is a comfortable and efficient place for lunch or a delightful afternoon tea and cake “sitdown” with a friend.
 Jean Paul Hevin Chocolates
231 Rue Saint-Honoré,  75001 Paris (chocolate bar, tea room and boutique);
3 Rue Vavin 75006 Paris;
23 bis Avenue de la Motte-Picquet 75007 Paris (the first boutique);
Lafayette Gourmet 48 Bd Haussmann 75009 Paris.
 Rue Saint-Honoré: Monday – Saturday: 10am – 7:30 pm; closed on Sundays and public holidays.
 + 33 1 55 35 35 96