Richart chocolatier pioneered a number of delicious cocoa-based indulgences even on the highly competitive gourmand scene in Paris. Known mostly for his adventurous Les Petits Richart reflecting the year’s seasons, the grandson of the maison Richart’s founder refreshed the colourful repertoire. Adding the bubbly “Infuzzz” and in tune with the modern demand for provenance distinctive produce are the highly refined “Ultrafine Dark Chocolates”. 
Les petits Richart by Richart chocolatier
Michel Richart is a true master chocolatier like his father, who became legendary in the French confectionery sphere for his innovative sweet pieces of mini art. A gustatory diversity and attention to quality of the purest ingredients sourced from the most suitable plantations, farms and orchards around the world are the centrepieces of the family chocolaterie.
Les petits Richart described
The philosophy of La Maison RICHART dwells in: “Satisfying every moment in a day for tasting, the collections are dedicated to all ‘chocolate addicts’, who from morning till night and throughout the days of the year, indulge in their favorite pleasure.” Hence, the chocolates keep their velvety soft coat but everything under it changes as if a fashion designer created a new collection reflecting trends, but brought it alive with his personality and changing seasons.
The signature product Les Petits Richart is a pleasure without guilt as each tiny chocolate bonbon weighs 4 grams and contains 15 calories only. RICHART removed the excessive sugar and kept the focus on the most delectable ingredients wrapped inside a rare 73% Venezuela Criollo dark chocolate shell. The flavours were divided into seven Richart Aromatic Familiesroasted (all nutty and coffee-based, but the toasted sesame praline is outstanding!); balsam (bleached almond coulis, vanilla bean ganache underline the fine chocolate coating); citrus (calamansi and grapefruit coulis are delicately refreshing); fruity (Ardèche chestnut coulis is surprising); floral (Damask rose with citrus coulis is delicately exotic); herbal (basil, rosemary and bouquet of herbs pralines transfer your senses to the garden); and spiced (the curry, cardamom and particularly the muscat nut are exquisite eastern beauties).

Richart was one of the first chocolate makers attaching a Tasting Guide to each of his collections in order to create “special tasting moments” such as:

  • The Chocolate Ceremony ® for the passionate about the “art of tasting”
  • Nibbling when tempted
  • Celebrating
  • At the table for sharing
  • Pairing chocolate with black or herbal tea, coffee or wine.
  • Dreaming for the knowledge and experience seeking gourmets

For the ultimate luxurious chocolate indulgence is The Burlwood Vault that is equipped with temperature and humidity gauges to keep your chocolates in the best tasting shape.
Ultrafine Chocolate squares from Richart chocolatier
The Maison Richart crafts also pure chocolate bars. The current trend of single origin chocolate bars has already settled comfortably in Paris, and even Richart makes gourmet dark chocolate bars, from 70% to 100% cocoa content. The Venezuelan “Chuabello” made of 71% Criollo beans typically displays woody bitterness that grows exponentially, roasted dried fruits and roasted cocoa bean add to complexity. The bar is balanced by a slight sweetness. Dark chocolates from Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Madagascar, Sao Tome and Peru complement the highly charged chocolate collection.
I love to nibble and dream when savouring the Ultrafine Dark Chocolate squares. With different percentages, origins, and even bean types all written on each little square I understand and ponder over what I am eating, which gives me an added pleasure from tasting. Like Richart chocolatier the Swiss chocolate maker Laderlach also makes similar grand cru single origin chocolate thins.
Richart macaroons
For special occasions a personal message inscribed on a thin dark chocolate (made of 73% pure cocoa) will make any receiver of such a tasty gift happy. These “Message plaques” can be customised to your needs, but “Happy birthday” and “Thank you” are ready available.
Macaroons are perhaps the most representative pastries of France. Richart has concocted his own preferred perfumes that change seasonally.

One of the newest additions to Michel Richart’s permanent collection is Infuzzz. The round-shaped gourmet chocolates are “based on a technical prowess that will exalt your senses“. It is exciting to savour the hidden infusion within each chocolate from this collection.
M.Richart: Chocolat Mon Amour
The chocolatier has his book called ” Chocolate mon Amour” [Chocolate-my love] in which he discloses his personal affair with chocolate and shares with the readers his well-tried tasty recipes.

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