Yeotown is about connecting oneself with the mind and the universal nature. The river Yeo snakes along the namesake yogi retreat in Devon reminding you of the constant change in the world and that if we are to enjoy life we need to embrace it, as all we have is now.
The founders brought the mindful eating and meditation practiced at the weekly Yeotown ‘ashrams’ to central London. Even their entrance suggests to “eat in”, meaning no hurry, sit down and savour the meal mindfully. There is an outdoor patio to eat out when the sun sparks through the cloudy London skies as it happened quite frequently over the past bountiful summer. The kitchen staff can prepare a healthy picnic basket for the nearby Regent’s or Hyde Park outing.
Yeotown Kitchengolden latte
healthy London dining
The compact Yeotown Kitchen brings colour into the grey London life. Most plates shout at you with a bright palette. Golden turmeric, beet pink, orange carrots, bright green leaves, the rainbow sparks happiness.

The healthily grounded star of Marylebone dwells just across from the glamorous Chiltern Firehouse. Although Yeotown is a yogi retreat on a converted farm in Devon where alcohol, caffeine, dairy and meat-free regime next to saunas, meditations and beach runs “cleanse” the body and the mind, the London Kitchen is less-strict (the city life loves organic coffee and dairy-free matcha lattes, while some fish and organic eggs are healthy complements to a balanced diet).

The delightfully mindful spirit inside this small café manifests itself in the design. There are egg-shaped meditation booths downstairs with a choice from five focused short programs (run for 5 minutes only, you have time for this) and a monthly changing guided guest series to snooze in the calm recordings. The windows peak also into the inner garden inviting natural light in.

Your happy hormones will flow upstream spooning out with “perseverance” from the Yeotown Green Smoothie Bowl or with an “integrity” bite into the Raw Rice Paper Wraps. Organic Farm Eggs turn into “Humour”, “Tenacity” or “Benevolence Bowl”. The namely inspiration stems yet again (like at Farmacy in Notting Hill) from LA’s Café Gratitude. Not everything is organic, salmon and tuna are welcomed by the no-beans and lentils eaters, but no meat and very little dairy like the optional feta cheese are included. The ready, mostly raw vegan desserts (brownies, cheesecake, cupcakes), paleo cookies and in a splurge spirit the Yeotown Kitchen Baked Donut can be relished back in the office with a cup of tea or at home after work (or a stroll through the parks).

Yeotown KitchenYeotown Kitchen

MUST HAVE: Golden latte with raw sweetener on side and more black pepper to boost the anti-inflammatory effect on your table. Whatever your mood suggests named bowl. Mezze to share. Go down to zen out inside the meditation pod before or after your meal.

 42 Chiltern St, Marylebone, London W1U 7QT

Mon-Fri: 7:30am-8pm; Sat: 9am-pm; Sun: 10am-6pm

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