My light poem was subconsciously in the creation phase of my mind for years, perhaps even decades. Then, one winter morning as the sunlight entered my Mediterranean bedroom, trespassing through the double glass of my windows and further filtered by pure linen curtains, I gasped and grasped a pen.

My soul was connected to the source of this marvelous incandescence, but the light poem did not feel complete, yet.

I abandoned it for a few weeks. The vicious virus spreading around my home ousted me from Europe and the last minute travel hopping South, to the warm Miami Beach, creatively blocked me with the stunning boulders of fear and that utterly discomforting feeling of not knowing what will happen next. Almost a week had passed until I reconciled with this potent and disruptive energy. Mindfulness is a mighty cure for a distracted spirit. Deep meditations and awareness of my emotions settled the chaos, I was flowing again.

Then, one morning the light came back to me, knocking on my creative consciousness and teasing my mind to imagination. Again it appeared with the dawn of a new day. It was back, on a different morning, continent and room. The light sneaked through the gap of the curtains, letting the Atlantic briskness in and onto the moonlike rugged surface of my room’s ceiling. Fascinating, this theatre of light is, a Sunday morning brightened by its stary presence.

When today’s light crosses the porous borders of my room

The walls, nature enter my conscious zoom

I impart the vast horizon, we merge

Two lovers united in a lustful surge

Drawn inside the geometric art

Part by Part


Nothingness is whole

Abstracted entirely from all

The sunrays’ encounters touched

When traveling into my arms, kissed

Forgive, they whisper halted by my walls

Seducing my imagination to accept their present calls


Grasping in extasy the eternity in contemporary art

A few moments bathing in and being with light

I become to comprehend this presence of moving canvases

Illuminating the openness to the spiritual awareness

Create, be the light.

Light poem light in poetry

The geometric quality of light was observed not just by the astronomers or physicists, but also in art. As much as my Light poem, its shape inspired the flow of creative imagination.

Further, with the emergence of the “structural treatment of nature, representation disappears. Starting from a single natural object, Picasso and the Cubists produce lines and project angles till their canvases are covered with intricate and often very beautiful series of balanced lines and curves. They persist, however, in giving them picture titles which recall the natural object from which their minds first took flight”, wrote Kandinsky in his famous essay Concerning the Spiritual in Art.

My light poem awakened some old memories of meaningful journeys taken, deep feelings lived out, an adult’s imagination stirred and of one model’s career quit (myself). Focus is light and mine has shifted into the solitary backstage of a journalist and later a writer. My life has become a vast source of light in my work by seeking the beauty in the mundane. I am aware that change abound, darkness can soon dim our character with disruptive chaos in any uncertain times. Light cannot be taken for granted, but you and me through our attitude and behavior can be the source of hope. Read my recent musing on light to learn more.

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