To open my heart to joys I had to soar

Above the deadly peaks of jagged fears

Climbed by some, devouring others

Whose ribs crush into the void of the seas

Like withered stones off their cliffs

Connecting by love

Yet I am carried by the wings spurred from my arms —

Feathery dreams of bliss in this voidless space roar

They are my mast of true love against the beasts

Wailing on loud their insatiable storm of lusts

I sail over to the unsafe lands of lost mothers

Unafraid where others are overcome by oil, [perhaps]


Their burning fields incinerate curious minds

Into the ashes of hope falling into my palms

Open to offerings, I only receive the alms of honour

From the rich in loving, not hate and egos

Humbled I bow to their fearless knees

To share our vulnerable hearts

Because I know my truth and valour —

Only integrity saves our fragmented souls


Becoming one with the quiver

Whatchu doin’ to meet your core

See the light even in the stone

Just don’t be someone you’re not

Claim space through the expanse of love

female sculpture of Alberto Giacometti

Alberto Giacometti: sculpture of a woman

Connecting meaning in War Zone Angel

The War Zone Angel poem is on legacy, honour, inner space, integrity, love’s power, peace, war, happiness and unrelenting harshness of life, but also about choices we can make to escape the seemingly inevitable. As everything changes, our circumstances, attitude, and ultimately joy from being alive can change too. The power within us is greater than we may believe in, so trust it, believe in yourself by connecting with others! Through love one climbs not just the mountains, one’s heart soars in joy in this very life, not after it is over. Once we or others die, it is too late. Live in truth and you will be rewarded now in your heart.

Afghanistan and its current, hapless situation echo in some of my stanzas. And so are other countries struck by the wreck of war. Syria, Yemen, Northern Ethiopia, Mexican drug war… sad counts. Vain power games in some cases cost thousands, even millions of innocent lives. While change would be welcomed by many citizens of these unfortunate lands, the horizon is blurred by continuing violence and chaos. The best weapon though is love. If one has to die for it, one departs in honor inside one’s genuine heart.

I believe that women must play a huge role in expanding love. Men need to accept and give back (Haruki Murakami poignantly alerted me on this issue). If we are to connect and benefit mutually, then we must become fearless in sharing love. Connecting not conflicting.

I do not write many political poems and the War Zone Angel is not meant to be politicised. It is a free expression of what can benefit those suffering through terrible long armed conflicts.

Connecting death, space, reentry and work by loving change is possible and desired for humanity’s sake. In my essay for Medium SPACE NOW: You are a social animal, and so am I, the concept of love mirroring today’s circumstances is further elaborated.