Dear note, rhythm, vibe of the instruments that raise me high — Music,

You are my savior, the pill without side effects, the rush of love without pain, the family member who never dies, the child I love unconditionally. Thank you Music for being always here for me when I need you tender touch. Together we are connecting beyond words.

I found that it is important to meet my body every day and to find a snippet of joy in it. There are many ways, but music [so you] seduces people naturally to merge the body and the mind into a swirl of dance. Well, at least into a tension releasing head shaking, shoulder rubbing and fingers tapping. During a live performance I feel even more vibrational surge in my body, do you too? Let’s talk.

A random street performance or just the right playlist when down, muting the surrounding noise of a daily commute in my happy day song plugged in my ears, all of your forms work magic spells on my weary heart. You are recharging precious energy plugged into my soul. Often you are offering yourself free, no strings attached, just enjoy! Bravo! Grazie, grazias, very much made my day.

Sometimes sound elevates the present moment, in others just listening to the ripples on the lake, the rustling voices in the trees or to the rare monastic nothingness of my empty home bring me nirvana. I use sound as a potent mind medicine. Musical presence easy through digital streaming injects the goodness into my bloodstream. By listening and reflecting on how a specific song or rhythm right now makes me feel, I communicate with my soul through you.


Please, tell me, what’s music? What are you that your beating heart pulls masses into a communal feast?

For there’s so much of joy in and from dancing or just listening. Still, some songs or sounds speak only to a certain individual, while other is kept cold. Perhaps those vibrations are some cluster of souls in the universe that meet in the unconscious bubble of the aether. Are you the guide?

Music assembles and dissolves. Celebrates and mourns. Without you, life would be just a monotonous discourse lacking the spark of joy.

French rivieraFlamenco in Spain



Diverse themes flow from lyrics, yet some like love, pain, sadness and justice seem to relate to us, humans, all. 

Are you the God’s quiver striking our hearts through the string of a guitar? Are those fingers of the Almighty that press down the piano keys in such a marvelous composition? Not, I believe that you are poetry set into the motions by tunes. Like a stroll through a leafy forest or a park in the fall, you are a photo story I savor through my ears.

You, Music, like other arts are created by human minds, sensitive talents and hard-working beauty seekers, but what brings you alive?

There is so much passion ❤️‍🔥 vibrating from the belly of a drum. The rhythm of making love. You say sax, I say sex. Better do not connect it with the drum though, but I had fun drumming in the temple with the monk and both fully dressed, mind me.

drumming in London party St Tropez drumming in Kyoto

All this beautiful selflessness creating of harmony is a gift not just for the ears, but a balm for our hearts. You elevate like love, calm us too. “Music energizes as much as a cup of coffee”, my trainer keeps saying bouncing during our trx cardio class, “I need nothing more in the morning but music.” Perhaps a great song can taste better than a regular espresso on the go. Can you add a foamy oat milk, please?

Some days you taste like a gastronomic feast played by a concert of hands. Still, you are a phantom I cannot always fully recognize, confused.

Please, tell me, who is Music or what’s your music about?

Manhattan band

Either way, you enter our lives whether we aim for it or not, unless we are deaf.

Personally, I love your character that spills out the soul, the very essence of life, such a precious seed of existence. Like Glassworks by Philip Glass. 

My gratitude is boundless. To all the wonderful musicians creating a better world through their art. Mastery of joy deserves our blessings and respect. Via their music we find our inner cool through joy, I did at least. Keep playing, please.

LMB ~ The Joyous Soul

NOTE: My love letter to M/music was written during a difficult time. I hope that it inspires you to flow in the rhythm of joy. Let that magic carpet carry you away from pain and worry, at least during that wonderful song.