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Tel Aviv, a poem

The wet, salty breeze of the Eastern Mediterranean gusted my hair into bohemian nests. As if the naturist body sublet its beauty in the imperfect form to my nonchalant joy. […]

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Liberty: Illusion of a Bohemian

Poets and philosophers, the deep free souls of myriad kingdoms, republics, commonwealths and other forms of geographical identities, wrote about the desire for liberty. Politicians entered the quest, playing with […]

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The Relativity of Time

The Relativity of Time has been pondered over by philosophers, poets, sages, scientists as well as casual thinkers like myself. Observing nature and its patterns set the ground for counting […]

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Creativity is This

This drawing by Tony Toscani, titled Writer’s Block, that I purchased recently at Massey Klein Gallery in New York co-inspired my poem on Creativity. Its mood reflects the focused yet […]

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  My mind flies like a leaf of paper unglued, unstitched, yet unfree in the wind’s arms   Like an ant always searching for directions — sensing, feeling, and changing […]

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