Cheval Blanc: view on the vineyard
On my recent visit to Bordeaux I visited the famous Chateau Cheval Blanc in Saint Emilion and tasted the miraculous 2009 vintage just before it will be bottled in two weeks.
The samples we had the pleasure to taste were the same which were tasted en primeur  by the wine experts and critics.
The first verdicts on the Bordeaux 2009 vintage overall were mixed but mostly extremely enthusiastic. As some of the critics claimed that it was the best vintage they have ever tasted from Bordeaux!
I dare to say that the Cheval Blanc is already now in the top ranks with its 2009 release.
The wine was so pleasant with good acidity and tannins both indicating high aging potential of the wine.
The Cheval Blanc 1er Grand Cru Classé ‘A’ 2009 had enormous complexity where black fruits conduct a symphony with spices, liquorice and finally refresh your senses with a slight menthol breeze . The smooth tannins and power are in the right balance so the elegance of a glass of Cheval Blanc is preserved.
And how comes that the 2009 vintage reached an almost perfectness? The main reason were the ideal weather conditions throughout last year. The most important role played the dry weather in July when ‘water stress slowed down growth of the shoots and limited the size of the grapes’ – two essential conditions for a great vintage!
Cheval Blanc & Le Petit Cheval 2009
The second wine of the Cheval Blanc Le Petit Cheval was impressive as well. Although it is more suitable for those relishing in younger, ready and good valued wines.
Impatient drinkers will be pleased as you don’t need to wait for so long as in the case of most Grand Crus requiring at least ten years ageing in the cellar. Red fruits and spices create a structured wine with lots to offer. The tannins are even softer than in the first wine  (1er Cru Grand Classé ‘A’) therefore more pleasant when young but with lower ageing potential.
symbol of the Chateau Cheval Blanc - the white horse
The white horse is a powerful symbol of the Chateau Cheval Blanc refers to its strong position in Bordeaux, especially in the Saint Emilion area where with its 37 hectares it is the biggest wine estate in the area. Just for comparison most of the wineries posses around 10 hectares.
The 2009 vintage is highly promising and it is worth considering as an investment with high return. Even though it is already now quite highly priced because of the high demand.
These days the chateau is undergoing a massive reconstruction and if it is going to resemble only a bit the luxurious Chateau Cheval Blanc in the French Alpes it is going to be perhaps the most fascinating architectonic state of the art treasure of the entire Bordeaux region! The owners the prestigious group L.V.M.H. definitely have the resources to  make the chateau enviable for most of the wine producers in France.