Luxury is to live a well-balanced life in an individually adjusted pace and the ability to savor every experience in-the-moment.
Mindfully, one thing at a time.

About La Muse Blue

La Muse Blue is an inspiration for balanced lifestyle seekers and passionate life connoisseurs

Balance is the gate to a more sustained happiness. Too much of anything – from great food, drinking, heat, cold, work – or too little – like rigid dieting – rarely leads to contentment and longterm health. As the millennia-old Chinese wisdom rounds wellbeing up: we need some yin to complement our yang force naturally present in each of us.

La Muse Blue captures a sustainable, holistic view of life. Rather than preaching one direction, our readers select the right experience reflecting their momentous needs or preferences.

You make the choice based on how you feel. Emotions are unique to humans, but think too. Feeling like indulging in a great wine, a multi-course meal at a gastronomic restaurant or lifting your mood up with a morsel of an artisanal chocolate? Are you worn out by too much work, kids, or travelling, and seeking a rejuvenating experience? Our tips for healthy dining around the world, tea and herbal tisanes balancing or increasing your focus, as well as impactful spa escapes surely help to recharge your inner batteries.

For us, luxury is to live a well-balanced life in an individually adjusted pace and the ability to savour every experience in-the-moment. Mindfully, one thing at a time. Be aware of being.

Learning more about wine, tea, cooking, the ingredients around us, the world’s best chefs, and by being creative in fulfilling our daily needs – like preparing a meal at home or foraging for food – we learn more about the importance of slowing down, our passions, and the precious world. Fortify your inner library by discovering more about the everyday pleasures on La Muse Blue.

It is a fact of conscious existence that comprehension is easier through experience, and travelling is the greatest university of life. We have visited thousands of places, lived on most continents, still far from exhausting our planet’s possibilities. From what we saw, tried and liked, we squeezed out the best in our Travel Guides. We also believe that the best, most fair dining reviews are written by people who cook, buy ingredients, talk to the farmers, fisherman and the chefs themselves – all of which we are passionate about. We share this experience with you on La Muse Blue.

Our values are rooted in independent thinking free from any marketing influencers, next to supporting honesty, fairness, and favourable of sustainability. Liberated from the skewed reality pushed on the media by the infested PR agenda, whose major interest is to manipulate, La Muse Blue is better set to report on the world as it really is. By applying a thorough journalistic research and questioning we cover the world in a more balanced way, while acknowledging and remaining grateful for being from and living mostly in the privileged developed world.

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We follow global trends and our editor Radka Beach, critically discusses them in her monthly editorial, where also opinions and thoughts about your lifestyle changes will bang on the self-improving bell.

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Your well thought out opinion is very important to us, therefore add anything we missed under any of the stories in the box “MY RECOMMENDATIONS…”.

Not any one single individual knows everything, and you might offer more valuable insight than us in some instances! We want to hear from you. Further, each of us likes different things, and despite the effort in our reviews striving for fair journalism, aimed at covering as much breadth as feasible, we do not possess the divine power to be totally free of bias and opinion. Opinions are, after all, what makes us also human and they can lead to creative progress and mind-refreshing discussion.

Be inspired to lead happier, healthier, more balanced, yet mindfully forward moving life by La Muse Blue.

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