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Luxury is a well-balanced life in an individually adjusted pace and the ability to savor every meaningful experience in-the-moment. This is the dry, intellectual side of me explaining man-made concepts. My instinct says: forget luxury, it is someone else selling you an idea of something special, but life itself, the fact that you breath, can take a warm shower every day and savour the hot pleasure of water enveloping your naked body, that is luxury, so just stop craving more. Constantly pursuing will encase you in luxuries, the snippets of pleasure, but you want to burst free from the butterfly case and fly through life, so precious, indulge in lightly.

Thinking can limit our experience, the brain circuits amplify meaning, yet dim other senses. It is like music versus words. Music grabs me whole, I wish I could write and make you feel like Vivaldi, Dvorak or Eminem. Nevertheless, I go for it trying to illuminate the path for you through sharing my own twisty, curvy. Change is the only truth in life we can be sure about. ~RB~

Balance is the gate to sustained happiness. That scale is built in our head, not outside in seeking external pleasures or drugging our minds in uncontrollable ecstasy of feasts. Too much of anything or too little rarely leads to authentic contentment and stable health. The millennia-expanding Chinese wisdom grasps human reality and wellbeing: we need some yin to complement our yang force, naturally present in each of us.

La Muse Blue captures a holistic view of life. Listen to your needs and select the right experience reflecting your momentous preferences, luxury this is. As Kahlil Gibran wrote in his masterpiece, The Prophet: “You are suspended like scales between your sorrow and your joy, …they are inseparable”. Beware, “the lust for comfort murders the passion of the soul, and then walks grinning at the funeral”. Therefore, follow your heart and do not get attached on material and emotional pleasures. Learn, be open, be inspired by music and the poetic flow. Life taken as it comes, not judged, but accepted in its wholesome diversity. Even attachment to simple lifestyle does not set you free, it is your attitude that paints every emotion of your days.

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How do you feel now? Write it down and realise where you are. Emotions can make us more sensual, but also teach us about ourselves. Feeling like indulging in a great wine or lifting up your gray mood with a morsel of chocolate? Are you worn out by overworking, kids or travelling, and seek a rejuvenating experience? My tips for healthy dining around the world, tea and places sharpening your focus, such as impactful retreats recharge your inner batteries, as they powered mine. Ups and downs that is how the curve of life goes. Wine helps, sometimes.

Mindful & meta-sensual awareness of being

editor of La Muse BlueRadka Beach

The centenarians living in the Blue Zones hold the keys to longevity. Yet, the heavenly gate to a fulfilling, productive and zestful life is right here and now. It is the awareness of having the power to shift one’s attitude that is the magic potion of happy living.

For the Muse, luxury is to live a well-balanced life in an individually adjusted pace and the ability to savour every meaningful experience in-the-moment. A blissful wonder of nature, spreading your wings everywhere you look, through music and poetry that connect with your heart.

Learn and be creative – prepare a meal at home or forage to tangibly experience slowing down. Engage with your true passions – the ephemera of this precious world changes constantly, so expand each moment. Fortify your inner library by connecting with the everyday pleasures. La Muse Blue will guide you. Genderless, she (La) has him (Blue is the masculine form of the adjective in French) in her united taoist nature.

Discernment requires experience, and travelling is the attested university of life. The Muse has visited thousands of places and lived in diverging cultures. Far from exhausting terrestrial possibilities, the travel features distil the essence of a place.

I think that he fairest restaurant reviews are written by critics who cook, carefully select ingredients, talk with the farmers, fisherman, hunters and chefs. After dining at the world’s best restaurants, mum and pap eateries, indulging in the most authentic and decadent street food, and visiting countless farms, La Muse Blue serves her well-rounded insights by connecting them all.

Liberated, the founder Radka Beach set up a non-profit body of creative and journalistic work >> La Muse Blue reports the world as it is from her poetic perspective.

By applying an open-minded, yet rigorous journalistic research, La Muse Blue sails the Planet from a more balanced boat: “My values are rooted in an independent thinking free from marketing influencers, grounded in honesty, fairness and supporting a sustainable life for all.”

Prague wedding party

Following timeless truths, the well-travelled muse, poet and writer Radka Beach discusses what stirs us in her editorial musings.

~                      ~                      ~

You are cordially welcome to join our growing community. Sign up for the occasional NEWSLETTER below to follow these musings. Alternative perspectives are the fresh water well opening more life-supporting resources to our mind.

Your constructive opinion is very important for the community. Under any story in OTHER VOICES add anything missed. As Socrates said: “I know that I know nothing”. You may offer a more valuable insight than the published author in some instances. Your personal email will not be disclosed and never used for marketing, since La Muse Blue does not need that to be motivated to write. The pleasure from creativity is our reward.

Each of us likes different things, and despite striving for fair journalism, nobody possess the divine power to be absolutely free of bias, judgement and individual preferences. Opinions make us human, can lead to progress and a mind-refreshing discussion. I cannot deny my feminine, peace-building desire and energy, and I hope that it complements the masculine aggression in all of us.

Be inspired to flow in a happier, more balanced and mindful life. Sail under the clear, blue skies with La Muse Blue!*

*a rebel, I intentionally used both the feminine (grammatically correct “La Muse“) and gender-neutral form (“Blue“) in the title of this website, which the playful blend of English and French language enabled me. We are each different, yet we are not in our very essence. I am not enforcing breaking of all rules, some keep us away from slaughtering each other, yet creativity is the lawful rule-breaker that complements harmlessly the human nature. I am glad that street art has become a respected branch of expression accessible to all.

Independent, international, fair and quality-driven reviews for a balanced and high-quality lifestyle where passion, mindfulness, learning and the experience of traveling are the ultimate luxury.

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