Living in Balance

Listen to your mind’s and body’s needs to calm yourself
and bring clarity to life


The Chinese discovered the mind-clarifying powers of tea. As millennia passed the rest of the world acquired their wisdom. From white, green, blue, oolongs to black tea and herbal infusions, each culture and land found its best healer. Taste, visit tea plantations, and above all appreciate a relaxing cup of tea.


Spas facilitate an escape from the daily hardships, work and commitments. Free yourself from the burdens stopping you from being and feeling happy. Both, physically and mentally disconnect through meditation or relaxation at these wellness facilities.

Healthy Dining

Slow food, organic, seasonal and local ingredients at restaurants with a healthy edge. Sustainable restaurants and cafes, where smaller portions and nutrition-focused menus come first and flavour is mastered to make you feel rejuvenated, but not deprived.


Yoga retreats, detox, hiking, meditation or simply beautiful environment, that support longevity and a sense of wellbeing. Ecotourism, agroturismo, vegan meccas and outdoor lifestyle. We found blissful, balancing & health focused experiences in each featured location.


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