Judging by their heated discussion and skilful swirling of glasses, the big table in front of my eyes was consisting of wine aficionados. It was like if someone was just having a box of chocolate truffles from Switzerland or French macaroons from Pierre Hermè in front of you while you are dieting. My eyes were blinking and my attention was constantly moving in that table’s dirrection. Never mind the group of tanned and toned Portuguese football players in their red shorts striding the garden on the other side. They took my eyes a second to evaluate, but then the shiny white Burgundy in a voluptuous glass … that was another story, the more attractive one for me.
Highly complex French food calling for wine to accompany it
Having French food and especially the gourmet complicated dishes without wine is, not only for the French but also for most of other Gallic cuisine lovers, like sitting on the beach on a rainy day. As the sun enhances the joy of being on the beach, so the wine upgrades the experience tremendously. The pleasure I derived from the dinner was stifled by pairing the artistically exquisite and gustatory narcotic dishes with a verbena herbal infusion. I love verveine (as the French call verbena), but after this dinner, not with an entire meal but after that to aid my digestion.
Simply put, the French cuisine is made to be eaten with wine. Therefore, I have decided not to torture myself for the rest of my wine detox and rather avoid French food until it is all over. I am contemplating Japanese for tomorrow.