My husband-to-be shouts at me over his shoulder: ‘Is there something interesting about this Tokay than are the others?’ Lifting the golden-lush bottle of a deliciously sweet Hungarian wine we got as a gift from the hotel we stayed at.
I replied nervously: ‘Yes, there probably is since it is from a producer I have never tried before! Don’t tempt me, please.’ I waited if he suggests to open it and try it. To my relief, he was supportive in my resolution not to drink and without saying anything put it back into the chilling bucket. We got this bottle of Hetszolo Tokaji Aszu from the hotel La Rèserve in Geneva, that is owned by Michel Reybier, who bought Hetszolo in 2009 and added it to his already impressive Bordeaux wineries collection.
Open or not to open?
Mr. Reybier also owns the famous Château Cos d’Estournel producing a Saint-Estèphe Grand Cru Classé and the Médoc AOC Château Marbuzet and Goulée vineyards.
All the hotel’s restaurants have an extensive selection of various vintages from the Château Cos d’Estournel making it surely a highlight of the wine list.

Room service dinner

We have just ordered a room service dinner at the hotel accompanied by fresh mint tea – just for change. It was not because of that plump golden bottle of Tokaji wine on our table, but since I have so much work to finish tonight, I will be sitting with my laptop until very late, writing and thinking about wine. Surprisingly though, as my head is preoccupied with wine intellectually, I do not have the need to savour it right now. (which is an exception as usually I’m tempted to have a glass)
It seems that analytical thinking prevents my thoughts to stray into the seductive wine realm or, more likely’ that after five days of not drinking my body got used to it.