The Etiquette of an English Tea is an amusing pocket size book by Beryl Peters, handy for travellers eager to entertain themselves during a short journey to work or a flight to the United Kingdom. Included are tales of traditional English tea customs that emerged over the centuries of Britain’s love affair with tea. Although the author dedicates the book “for tea lovers everywhere”, the first time visitors of the British lands will perhaps more appreciate a sniff of this country’s customs in such an amusing and concise fashion.
The Etiquette of an English Tea: Beryl Peters
Mouthwatering recipes for sweet and savoury snacks complement the tea experience in a truly English style with scones, cream tea and shortcakes featured in the The Etiquette of an English Tea. If you want to host an afternoon tea party at your house, then The Etiquette of an English Tea is the perfect foundation.
Superstitions about tea may bring luck, so avoid „stirring the tea in the pot anti-clockwise since you would stir up trouble.“
Reading one’s fortune from the tea leaves left in your cup after drinking, is not only interesting for the curious minds, but a fun way to enjoy tea. I will give you a small hint: look for circles, flowers, hearts, houses and horse shoes since all these shapes indicate positive things that will happen to you.
This thin collection of tea trivia is rather a jolly entertainer than a serious guide to tea drinking and while devoid of much scientific knowledge, still many facts emerge throughout The Etiquette of an English Tea.