Golden tips tea is a rare tea (only 8kg picked every year!) grown at altitude of 4000 metres near Adams peak in Sri Lanka. They get their name from the reddish variety of tea plant and also because golden scissors are used to pick the buds in the morning before they unfurl in the heat of the sun. These white teas are particularly rich in antioxidants and receive no processing like the black teas. After picking they are only gentle dried on the morning sun. Produced on Ebony gardens estate in Sri Lanka this is a delicate a subtle flavoured cup from a highly renowned Ceylon estate.
Golden Tips rare white tea
Origin: Ceylon
IMPORTER: The East India Company
Brewing: 85 C First brew: 8mins Second brew: 10mins – 2 infusions
Dosage: 2 tea spoons (1g) for a cup (200ml)
Strength: 1
Appearance: Silvery-grey like hair of a centenary.
Taste: Golden tips make a mellow, sweet and gently flowery infusion. It is a very subtle tea suitable for drinking throughout the entire day including evening for its relaxing and soft silky taste.
Pairing: On its own as it is very delicate and subtle. Its silky nature can serve as an alcohol-free aperitif or to soften one’s palate after a meal. Perhaps white peach or other delicate fruit can be eaten with it.