High in anti-oxidants this fragrant green tea can be enjoyed at any time throughout the day as the East India Company suggests on its package. Scented green teas such as jasmine tea are an ideal starter for those that find green teas too grassy and green. The fragrance helps it to become an enjoyable healthy drink.
Jasmine Pearls
Origin: China
IMPORTER: The East India Company
Brewing: For 3 minutes at 85°C. Makes 2 infusions.
Dosage: 3-5 pearls per cup (200ml)
Strength: 1
Appearance: Petit balls of rolled green tea reveal their silvery needle shape after contact with hot water.
Taste: Get your senses ready for a powerful experience. As you open the tin or sachet the tea’s aroma captures your nose with its wholesome jasmine fragrance. Contrary to its expressive scent on the palate it feels delicate and mild, almost gentle in its texture. Floral tones, freshness, together with its mouth wrapping silkiness are soothing and clean one’s busy mind. The final ascension like a crescendo brings lasting floral aftertaste that later dissolves into a blissful emotional well-being. If it is brewed correctly, there are no astringent tannins felt on the palate.
Pairing: It is wonderful on its own because of its delicate nature. Some rather soft and neutral sweets such as marshmallow or simple sponge cake with whipped white eggs can enhance each others gustatory properties.