You taste a flower garden on your palate with this scented oolong tea. The tiny, cute osmanthus flowers shine between the tea leafs add lovely colour to this tea. Shake the container well before taking your measure for brewing so the flowers and tea are both more equally dispersed.
Osmathus oolong
Origin: Taipei, Taiwan. Oolongs from Taiwan are the most cherished partially fermented teas.
IMPORTER: Yauatcha, based in the UK.
Brewing: 5-7min; water temperature: 85-90 °C
Dosage: 1/2 of a tea spoon for a cup (200ml); two to three infusions
Strength: 2
Appearance: Thick shrunken leafs with dark green hues dispersed between fresh light green are witnesses of a partial-fermentation. In water it is light brown with yellow tinge and tiny red and yellow coloured floating on the surface.
Taste: It is very different from the High Mountain Oolong, since the tiny osmanthus flower petals add an intense aroma dominated by apricot scent on the nose. Flowery taste from the osmanthus shows its full character creating warming and relaxing brew.
Pairing: Elegant flowery teas like this oolong are enjoyable the most on their own so their aroma stands out. Delicate desserts such as madeleines or a sponge cake can benefit from this tea adding flower aromas to these pastries.