Tsar's opulent interior
Ambiance: As its name suggests Tsar is a fine dining restaurant in an authentic grandiose Russian style. Portraits of Russian tsars and royal gatherings around large tables overflowing with food adorn the wooden walls, chandeliers bring light into a heavily decorated dim room, stucco ceilings are supported by pairs of sculpted angels and an old piano in front of a majestic fireplace, these all highlight this truly royal room.
Caviar degustation at Tsar
Food: At Tsar the pomp does not end with the surroundings as your drinks are served in heavy crystal glasses and food on colourful hand painted russian porcelain.
The “Degustation of caviar” is a must, although pricey (RUB 4.800/person), it is a rare occasion for anyone appreciating these costly mini eggs of sturgeon. At the same time you can compare three different types of Russian caviar. Everyone can find his/her favourite – sevruga, oscietra or belluga? They all taste different, so it is worth trying. Belluga is extremely rare, its eggs are the largest and are light grey to nearly black with a fine skin that melts delicately in the mouth. Osciatra has a subtle walnuts and creamy flavour. It comes from the smallest sturgeon whose grey-black eggs are fine grained. They taste distinctively salty. Sevruga is the least expensive, yet highly prized for the unique somewhat earthy flavour. Served with the fluffiest pancakes, dark rye toasts glass of champagne or vodka and cranberry juice (all included in the price) the meal becomes a royal affair.
Sardines salad with potatoes
Another traditional delicacy worth trying at tsar is the Russian borscht soup. The red beat soup with chunks of cabbage, tomatoes and other vegetables is here served with meat. It is refreshing and not too heavy as one can add as much of sour-cream as he wants, since it is served on side. Also served with a small shiny bun, these who find it too sour can tame its power with a bite of this bread. I found an ideal pairing with a glass of round red wine such as Bordeaux better than the bun as it worked similarly withs its fruity character balancing off the slight sourness of the soup.
Russian Borscht soup
Many russian style salads with mayonnaise, potatoes and fish feature on the menu as well as Beef Stroganoff, a meat dish in sour cream and tomato sauce, that fills anyone’s hungry belly. Often it is eaten with potatoes and raw vegetables such as peas, sauerkraut and cucumber.
The tsar's seat at Tsar restaurant
Cuisine: Russian traditional
Visit: May 2013
Price: Very high (any nice restaurant in Russia is very expensive).
Drinks: Try one of the russian “champagnes” and wines featured on the wine list or a shot or a couple of local vodka. The friendly waiter will surely recommend you an intriguing vodka and russian food pairing. The russian bubbles are fun to try, yet not as complex as a vintage champagne from its true region in France. These sparkling wines taste wonderfully with the fluffy blinis.
Opening hours: Daily from 8:00am until last guest (this is is what I call hospitality – the guest is really treated like a the king here).
Address: 12 Sadovaya st., 191023, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Contact: Tel: + 7 (812) 930 04 44