The luxurious Italian jewellery house Bvlgari upped its game for the sweet connoisseurs by introducing a high-end range of chocolate confectionery in Japan. The perfectly moulded morsels of Bvlgari chocolate are essentially filled with bespoke Italian and Japanese ingredients coated in dark, milk or white chocolate couverture.
Bvlgari Chocolates
From Japanese popular flavours like yuzu and chestnuts, to very Italianate, but for chocolate rather unusual mascarpone, vintage balsamic vinegar and dried pancetta, Bvlgari plays its own league in the sport of chocolate making. The favourites are the round printed “Bvlgari Bvlgari” chocolate gems seasonally crafted with the finest Italian and Japanese ingredients (1,500 yen/piece). Now, in the fall, the flavours of citrusy yuzu and matcha green tea are available. Bridal white Bvlgari chocolate can be personalised to both groom’s and bride’s requirements for their special day.
Bvlgari Chocolates in Tokyo
The line is uniquely blended as well. I tried and loved the Tomato, creamy mascarpone cheese and white chocolate ganache with Madagascar cacao bean dark chocolate (64%). Other temptations are : Dried figs, vintage balsamic vinegar, milk chocolate ganache coated in dark Venezuelan chocolate (55%); Saffron, chestnut from Ehime and dark chocolate ganache enrobed in bitter Venezuelan cacao (55%); Black pepper, dried pancetta and gorgonzola blue cheese ganache in Indonesian bean milk chocolate (41%); and many more some seasonally updated.
Bvlgari chocolate box
Luxurious Chocolates and ultra high-end champagne go naturally hand in hand, so pairing the sweet Bvlgari treats with Dom Perignon and Krug champagnes is a wonderful idea. Almost anyone would be pleased by such a pompous gift. I would pair the lighter types, such as white and milk chocolates, the cheese and nut based ganaches, pralines and truffles with the fizz. The intensity of some of the dark chocolates, especially those filled with liquors, does not overpower the beauty of the drink.
Bvlgari chocolates with Krug
Prestigious location in Ginza on the 10th floor of the Bvlgari house inside the chic Bvlgari Il Cafe underlines the elevated message to luxury-seeking customers.
 東京都中央区銀座 2-7-12 ブルガリ銀座タワー10F Chuo, Ginza, 104-0061 Tokyo, Japan.
 Daily 12noon-8pm. Closed on holidays.