The Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware in Hong Kong annually organises an open competition for talented local potters. The task is to make a unique tea vessel and the jury then selects the most captivating tea sets that will be exhibited at the museum. There is also a special school category in which primary and secondary schools from Hong Kong submit their creations. This year about a third out of the total 335 submissions were featured.
Here were my favorites:
Liquid Collection: Drinking tea with morning dew
The Tea Ware by Hong Kong Potters second prize winner “Liquid Collection: Drinking tea with morning dew” looks very feminine and makes me thirsty just looking at it! The artificial drops of a morning dew will not clench your thirst, but the tea served in it, surely will.
original pottery
Another second prize winner, but in the school category “Home Sweet Home by Chan Hiu Lam” is cute, isn’t it? It makes me laugh just imagining two friends sipping tea out of the worms’ mouths.
Being it Asia, table tennis or ping-pong as it often known could not escape the inspiration pot of the participants. The “Ping Pong and me by Au Yan Wai” is a really modern Chinese way to enjoy tea.
original Asian pottery
The rest of my favourites, some of them so quirky as to resemble a Mickey Mouse (the contestants were school kids after all), others even a bit more unusual for a tea drinking set, such as the ochre hued water pipe, and much more imagination pulling pottery you can see bellow in the PHOTO GALLERY:

You can also learn more about Chinese tea, its history, methods of preparation and related teaware browsing through the permanent collection galleries.
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@ Photo credit: The pictures were taken by Chow Kam-lan and Louis To-Hing Ho for the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of HK Museum of Art. The images were taking from the museum catalog that I was approved to use.