Whether you crave something sweet, need an authentic souvenir or want treat your loved ones, browse into the Maison Auer’s acclaimed fairy land evoking confectionery boutique in the Vieux (Old) Nice. Established in 1820 right across the voluptuous Nice opera, the confiserie is not a casual affair but rather a fine escapade for chocolate and in the traditional French sweets indulging connoisseurs.
Maison Aurer in NiceMaison Auer Nice

You can trust their know-how backed by five generations of experience in confectionery, chocolates, dragés, caramels as well local specialties such as the renown candied fruits (fruits confits), maroons glacés (candied chestnuts glazed in sugar), the almond paste based calissons, fruit preserves, and even olives bathing in syrup, that are ideal accompaniment to the local goat’s cheese. The products from the Maison Auer convey delicious stories of Mediterranean bounty.
The pastry and chocolate boutique is now in the hands of the fifth generation Auer family, that has been for almost 200 years cheering up the sweet palates of its highly demanding customers. Nice had been for decades the holiday retreat of choice for the European high society including a royal following. These picky palates were seeking the most refined pleasures, which Maison Auer duly provided.
The candy and chocolate shop’s historic interior is adorned with crystal chandeliers, colourful art nouveau vitrages and floral-shaped wall lamps. The lavish round arches, gilded curvy decorations, and plentiful wall mirrors – from renaissance, through neo-classicism to art nouveau reflect the region’s Italian heritage. The shop was inspired by the Florentine decorative style. Established around the same period as the Palazzo Borghese in Florence the interior evokes the lavish banquets once staged at that noble Italian palace.
Clementines Confits
One of the signature Provençal treats, the fruits confits, are best sampled in confiseries that have been making them for generations. Their knowhow shows in refined flavours and textures. Maison Auer’s signature candied clementines (type of tangerines) are made according to a traditional recipe. You don’t need to travel to the remote Apt in Luberon, where these sweets are abundant, since Auer crafts these treats to a shiny perfection. Their surface glistens like polished glass pearls.
Maison Auer chocolates
The sugar dusted ideas of the house also include chocolates and in cocoa enrobed nuts or fruits. At the back room under a glass vitrine are displayed various flavours of favourite ganaches and pralines like cappuccino, vanilla, roasted hazelnuts from nearby Piedmont and other by time proven recipes. Chocolate bars as well as a sugar-free, with maltiol sweetened chocolate bar for diabetics, are more simple yet well made. If you buy a box of chocolates, then you get them nicely wrapped as if you were a royalty. Enveloped in a Bordeaux robe with golden print to underscore the traditional recipes used in making them.
Maison Auer Nice
The building is situated next to the highly frequented Marchè Saleya, the open-air old market, where the best chefs in the region source their ingredients. Unlike the more commercial Confiserie Florian, located in the Nice’s old port, Maison Auer is a pure Niçoise breed, although its founder Henri Auer was a Swiss immigrant, his appreciation for the local produce kept his family business loyal to the area.
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 7 rue Saint-François de Paule
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 Tue – Sat: 9am – 6pm