Creatively envisioned by a perfect fit of trendy jeans and cultish Alternative Apparel brains, Juice Served Here is unlike most juice brands out there. The G-star Raw executive Alex Matthews and his partner Greg Alterman, a successful supporter of sustainable leisure clothing, shared a passion for cool design and health. Naturally, a juice business followed.
As America still relishes in the super nutritious combo of juicing and liquid meal replacement, there are now hundreds of “juiceries”, offering very similar products. It is therefore not enough to be raw, cold-pressed, vegan, no HPP, no GMO and zeroing anything artificially sounding, but you must come with an interesting story, a standout design, arresting recipes and ideally, plenty of celebrity snaps and Instagrams as they walk out with a bottle of your juice. The duo behind Juice Served Here, is best equipped to do just that. Gwyneth & co sip on their juices, seeking eternal youth, ultra-slim figure and a topic to discuss on the next Tv show or a lifestyle magazine interview.
Juice Served Here LAJuice Served Here

Juice Served Here differently

How are you feeling? You might hear this welcoming greeting at one of the sleekly designed branches (and growing) of Juice Served Here. Well, if you came straight from a yoga class you might want to continue that blessed relaxed ohm further into the day so having something with warming ginger and sweet apple in an alkaline lemon water you can be directed to “Pipe Cleaner”. If you need a boost of energy before a workout or replenish your stamina in the middle of a work day, then honey and cayenne in “Hot Lei” will sharpen your senses up. But if your answer is, I just need something healthy to fix my cravings, then the coconut meat delicacy bottled in “Cream Party” or “Turmeric Tang”, a smooth concoction of sweet carrot with tangy orange juice, will indulge you without the guilt of a whipped cream cake. Promising eternal youth and slim figure is sometimes not enough to make up your mind. What all these names mean after all?
Juice Served Here

Taking the flight

Deciding or actually knowing what we want does not always flow out from our brains when we need. With the ingredient-based creativity and possible combinations not having set limits, there are plenty of flavours in those bottles that are hard to imagine on your palate. How that “Green Milk” can taste? Will I like it? Should I risk paying the $8-$12 (for a no-booze sold in a recyclable plastic box!??) for this whimsical concoction? Should I take a “Pipe Cleaner” or “Pixie” (kids favorite) or go straight to “Charcoal Lemonade”? Wait, I could actually drink a charcoal? Yes, you can, but how much of the carbonised wood dug from deep under is still beneficial for your gut has not been scientifically established. The ‘miraculous’ drink companies, after all, are not liable for any of their marketing or health claims. In conventional medicine charcoal is used when you suffer diarrhea or a food poisoning since it absorbs the toxic contents in your stomach and thus alleviates your discomfort. If mixing it powdered with water would zero any nutritional misbehaving of your past meal is a plain speculation.
What counts though is taste. If you like the healthy juice, you will buy it again. You will even crave it! While some juice stops offer samplings, usually these are limited and do not include the two juices in your dilemma. A brilliant by wine inspired stroke of genius solved the cell damaging inner tension usually involved in decision making. You should be pampered at a place where you were supposed to be rejuvenating. At Juice Served Here you can get a flight of their 10 most popular bottlings for eight bucks. Please, fly me in!
So what was in my flight? The above picture sums up my healthful degustation on my last trip to LA. From the ten cups of three bird sips, my favorites were: number #5 Bloc Rockin’ Beets, a veggie only spicy blood builder with energizing and refreshing feel
Number #4 Turmeric Tang, a balanced coconut cream, sweet carrot with zingy lime, orange and anti-inflammatory turmeric.
Number #5 Bloc Rockin’ Beets, a veggie only spicy blood builder with energizing and refreshing feel.
Number #9 Green Milk, a satisfying nutty green juice with a dash of feel clean green veggies.
Number #12 Cream Party, like a dessert rich coconut meat blended into creamy sublimeness with coconut water.
Juice Served HereJuice Served Here

Fitting the right juice into your healthier lifestyle

The first months of the year are usually devoted to cleaning up the waste accumulated in your body from the comforting indulgences of winter. The toxins from the holiday meals, imbibing yet another cocktail before dinner, the ski trips filed with fondues, chocolate brownies and mulled wine, … the juice is sold! Juicing can be messy at home, so all these healthful fueling stops in our cities that popped like umbrella hawkers by a London tube are inviting. As I wrote about detoxing in my past musing Detox, Declutter and Dream though we should not just think about sweeping our bodies, but also our minds and our surroundings. By having your juice organic, you do something little better for yourself but also for the environment, even better if the fruits and veggies used are seasonal and sourced from the local farmers. At Juice Served Here, they bring sustainability further sourcing from “hand-selected local, biodynamic farms” and juicing their ultra-clean ingredients at their “state-of-the-art arctic cold-press, zero-waste facility“.
Your mind might be detoxed from worrying about what you need to cook. Calories counting with every inhale when passing a nose tingling bakeshop on your way is not healthy for your head. Raw juicing offeres simpler path to including more plants into your diet and may be more ecological than cooking meals, but it also carries more adverse risks from bad bacteria contamination than a well-cooked or preserved food would. Therefore, always check if your juices are stored in a cold fridge, ask about the date it was bottled and never! buy the sales items since these are more likely to have harmful bacteria hiving in.
These rules apply to any juice sold anywhere around the world. Even though Los Angeles is a peculiar case, lucky to have plenty of California-grown fruits, nuts, and veggies, at its feet, some can carry harmful bacteria. What is exciting here is that the entertainment capital gushes with ideas designed to please the novelty seeking consumers. Not only Juice Served Here takes a more fun approach to serving their juices, they view their products as a luxury. Proudly announcing on their website “we are Never Conventional” they appeal to aspiring and moneyed tribal crowd that wants to feel like making a difference through their daily life choices. Indeed, I always feel elated and so green when sipping on my freshly pressed locally sourced juice, so I am caught in the well-doing phenomenon.