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I play with the hunter and the bull between the red flame

This is the voice of something that wakes me in the darkest hour of a starry night. There is light in darkness in the universe, always. Even the dark holes are finite, believe. Follows my minds’ play on hide and seek between the hunter and the bull.

Radka Slovackova

Hope builds the strongest belief 

Dogma promises invincible truth 

While possibility welcomes faith

Into my longing arms with a relief

Conviction rules out fear

As the only way to get near. 


Expectation follows a principle 

While dreams free from reality’s tentacle

So chase the dreams as lovers do early on

Such limitless mind is perfect

For in the wings of a prospect

The air becomes thin, and hold on —

See the opportunity on the horizon

~ Joy

shades of red

While this is an abstract poem, the meaning between a prospect and a belief is yours. It can also be a split mind within one person. The psyche’s wicked games that complicate life, uninvited into our jolly days.

You can wear red to attract the bull. Most days I prefer black and white though, so I seem to prefer being overlooked by the fierce bull. I recently re-visited my beloved Arles in the South of France, where bulls entered my subconscious mind. I even ingested one prepared delightfully by a two Michelin 19 GM-point local chef at L’Atelier. A bit later on my Euro-trip, the hunter sculpture in the park of Schloss Mohnstein in Salzburg fascinated me.

In dreams our daily encounters shuffle with fantasy as something entirely new lands on your bed sheets. Some seek the meaning of the symbols randomly on the internet, but I prefer to connect the dots and play with my own poetic voice. We all have it if we try hard enough and find the flow.