Kings and Queens is a symbolic poem about balance creating more stability, fulfilment and genuine joy in gender-sensitive relationships.

street art in Athens

I am the light, and darkness won’t rip it away

The lunar reflection of might on the celestial stage

Again and again for brooding, brutal swaths of history

Your virile brawn, creeds, and saintly doctrines

Conducted to mute my inner spark, dependent, weakened —

’Snake tongue you have, woman! Burn her to hell, witch.’

The stigma of heresy still burns my soul

Lashing its chastising itch deep in my bones


No more your bitch, a slave producing bloodlines

I am as human as you are, my dear

I do love you like you love me — I hope

Equals in our feelings, we are one but were split in two

Our paths merged to pursue our own dreams

You gaze at the markets, cars, wines [me too]

I relish playing with flowers, food, words

You hit golf balls, climb, bike down rocks

I adore birds and walks. [Space is priceless]

Stop, reverse and mingle it all, for them is he and her

The diversity of humanity allies with birth and mortality

Let me be, who I desired wholeheartedly to become

Not just a pistil attracting pollinating bees

Calling me tart, selfish, a mare, just a baggage?

You decide, and I shall too, we both want to — equitably

I need to free whatever had stuck on my soul each day and night

I respect your freedom, please give me mine. [Space is priceless]

Kings and Queens

Hell does not have power over my presence

I expand into aether, boundless, floating in space 

Gravity does not matter to my soul, 

Elevated above all the material ephemera —

God, fly me high, please, like him — the king!

Vanities do not nourish, we rot under their cravings

While, creativity and myth outlive our decomposing bodies [priceless]

French film poster

David was sculpted to inspire manhood, the barred, assured victor

He could be straight, bi- or gay, aien’t matter

Physical, oh man you are aroused over a woman’s naked body

Her curves tease your imagination —— hers too, just bond

Unattached, you would be a pliant team, not a suitor

Who invented couples, each playing a given role?

If love does not satiate for long, craving comforts

For now, indulge in the emotional roll, more, more!

[pay the inflation later]


In the modern game you loose, unless playing fair

Raise a mate into an ally, the queen of the chess

And let us advance together to win, equitably.

~ Joy

art by Jean Cocteau

Jean Cocteau: bathing woman

Kings and Queens is not just a poetic call for equality reflecting upon the past. Kings and Queens is about couples, stable and happy relationships and balance overall in life. All these are [priceless].

Kings and Queens  is also about the seven deadly sins in Christianity: pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, and sloth.

All committed by men in abundance, but magnified by the powerful clerics over the vast part of human history as being particularly own to women. This poem emancipates women who incline towards unrealistic, judgemental and diminishing virtue as much as any honourable person with dignity, spreading equality, accepting diversity and love. Women now do not have to build upon the lady-like qualities of the Victorian era. Now we must train self-defence and work on our dreams in whatever field we desire.

To be equal to men, she must be considered with the same meter as he, them with all the pros and cons. There are still some aspects of felinity not easily changed. I was chased by a pack of zealous muslim men in Casablanca, drugged by an Italian pursuer in Singapore, seduced through closed door by a married man while in horror calling my boyfriend far away, offered a 1000 EUR for a “drink” with an international banker on business in Zurich, savagely observed by men in India, chastised for my too tight long sleeves and pants in the heat of Abu Dhabi. Sexually harassed during an internship. This is just an account of one female sample, lucky to escape any consequences because each time a guardian angel stood by my side. A boundless gratitude to them!

The value in “Space is priceless”, is that successful relationships shall allow personal privacy to each other equally for a genuine satisfaction on either side.