seafood; Northwest US


March 2012


2020 Western Avenue, Seattle, WA, US


medium and good value as the portions are generous
I have been at Etta’s two years ago while visiting Seattle and it captured my taste buds then. We were so pleased with the lunch at that time so we put it on our must-do list for our next visit. It is THE BRUNCH SPOT ideal for seafood lovers appreciating high-quality ingredients.
Etta's menu


Rich, tasty, fresh and honest. Instead of a not-so-original bread basket you get a warm, freshly baked apple&cinnamon muffin with a gooey caramel sauce. Having this with a cup of coffee or tea might be a breakfast on its own for many, yet not for a hungry American or an 11ish breakfast-eater. This one one of the best muffins I ever head, I admit that, a resemblance to “Apfel strudel” from my mum might be the culprit.
Apple & cinnamon muffin

The real stuff came quickly after my strudel encounter. The ‘dungeness crab eggs benedict’ not only look dashing, they taste even better. A unique take on this staple breakfast dish as the potatoes were dashed with paprika, the fresh apples sweetened the crab meet under the volcano of irresistible hollandaise sauce. Spinach leaves kept the soft-boiled egg from soaking into the bun on which everything was piled up, so it remained crisp as I munched piece by piece on this heavenly breakfast suited for gods.
Luscious dungeness crab eggs benedict
A healthier, low-cholesterol choice was Etta’s signature ‘Rub with Love salmon’. A grilled coho salmon rubbed with spicy mix sold at Etta’s and a store at Pike Place market since it became so popular between the Etta’s devotees. Sprikled with sautéed shiitake mushrooms its health benefits soared. To make it more humane the kale was buttered, perhaps for the butter’s high Vitamin A content. The fish was delicious with intense flavors from the spice rub. A slice of cornbread pudding hidden under the kale was my favorite part of this meal. Impossible to describe, one must try it. The only minus was perhaps too buttery kale as it was just too much with an oily fish like salmon.
Etta's signature dish of salmon with sauteed buttered kale
Bizarrely, as i started with a dessert, I have accomplished my meal with a taste of a Vancouver oyster kusshi, which was praised as the best oyster ever by a local sales lady at an art gallery I visited before. I am not an oyster fan and knowing that it is an acquired taste I always give them a shot. My love for once despised olives and chocolate aversion turned obsession with any new chocolate product I confront taught me a lesson that our taste changes throughout our lives. Kusshi was one of the most delicate and savory encounters I had with this weirdly-textured mass in a shell.
Kusshi oyster


A two-minute walk from the first-ever Starbucs, they cannot serve anything else than coffees from this global giant of today. I got a japanese roasted rice tea called genmaicha which is soothing and aids digestion of a heavy brunch. The special cocktails raised my eyebrows as a robust gentleman next to me ordered ‘the bloody freeman’ , the house version of bloody mary with a roasted pork rib hanging over the glass. It is a wild take on a gazpacho, the cold vegetable soup served at creative Spanish restaurant with a bit of ham. The list of sparkles and wines is long enough, yet I am not in France or Italy so I will stick to a cup of tea with my breakfast and brunch.


Families, friends and couples – they all fit into the vibrant setting a stone-throw from the world-famous Pike Place Market in Seattle. There are two parts of the restaurant, a bar, wine racks and funky colorful art pieces fashionably hanging on the walls.
Etta’s is one of the most popular brunch spots over the weekends so I would recommend you to book it ahead otherwise you mind find yourself waiting in a long line of hungry “brunchers”. The portions are big for a breakfast meal so if you do not want to overeat on one think, share two or three dishes with your dining parter.
Contact&opening hours: (+1)206 443-6000; Mon – Thurs: 11:30am – 9:30pm | Fri: 11:30am-10pm | Sat: 9am-3pm & 4-10pm | Sun: 9am-3pm & 4-9pm