Seville is known as the city of tapas, where its citizens always eat. No wonder that this Southern Spanish destination thrives – its history, blend of cultures and prevalent sunny weather, attract millions of tourist each year.
Yet, it is the vibrant tapas bar scene, that most of them end up resting at after touring the magnificent sights of Seville.
And, there is so much to choose from! The tapas bars are sprinkled all over the town offering a very diverse fare – from the more traditional to gourmet gastronomic fusion. With so many styles, ambiences and price points, it is useful to look for advice from someone who has visited many of them.
El Rinconcillo tapas bar
I have decided to divide my Guide to Seville’s Tapas Bars into three parts. First are Traditional Tapas Bars. Second are Young and Cool Tapas Bars. The last group are Modern and Gastronomic Tapas Bars.
I hope you will find my guides helpful and you will leave Seville as excited about its creative and inspiring food as I was!

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