Generous sushi omakase at Gari
Price: High (superb quality of fish and execution of the dishes is so creative and tasty that it is a special treat that you will not regret, unless you do not like raw fish).
Sashimi omakase
Omakase (お任せ) means “I’ll leave it to you” (from Japanese  任す, entrust)” and in practice it is a tasting menu at a Japanese restaurant in which you entrust yourself and mainly your taste buds into the hand and ideas of the chef. The chef will work with the best and freshest ingredients available that day and the best ones try to show off their culinary skills creating an unforgettable taste experience. This is a paradise for foodies and hell for the diet fanatics. People with dietary restrictions are asked before the dinner what the chef should avoid (allergies, dislikes, preferences) so he/she then can adjust the plates to the customer’s liking.
White fish with uni sushi omakase
Sushi often dominates the omakase courses. Sushi is a slice of fish, vegetable, egg, meat or other “garnish” that is put on a bun of sticky rice.
At Gari you can do only sashimi, sushi or a combination of both. You pay per piece so bigger eaters will receive a higher bill. It is way less expensive that the LA’s famous Urasawa and the atmosphere is more casual and buzzing.
Red snapper with lotus sushi omakase
The Japanese red snapper with topping of seasoned baby greens, roasted pine nuts and Crispy Lotus Root is a work of art one hesitates to eat. It is hard to say what is better – the taste or the visual appearance.
Creamy & plump tuna sushi omakase
The Tuna with Tofu Sauce is mind-blowing. The fish is plump and tender, while the creamy topping of tofu with a slightly sweet relish take out any fishiness that may remain on the palate.
White fish with scallions sushi omakase
Lean and clean that is how I would describe this White fish drizzled with green japanese scallions sushi.
Dried mushrooms &fish sushi omakase
Rustic beauty is for me the Dried mushrooms & tuna sushi. Isn’t that beautiful? Nature is calling. It is pure.
White fish with egg sushi omakase
The White fish with egg sushi is original. I am not a big fan of boiled egg in any form, but in combination with the fish it was a bomb. Literary the egg burst in my mouth spilling the yolk into the fish and creating a wonderful rich blend out of light fish.
Vegetable tempura sushi omakase
One would think that putting a fried tempura on a dry sticky rice might be too much of the same mouth-draining thing. Yet, at Gari they figured out how it can work. The vegetable has some juice left and the batter is not too dry with some oil moistening the tempura so it is all keeping the right balance.
Seaweed & salmon sushi omakase
The quality of fish is the decisive player in most of the dishes. The simpler the sushi, the more the fish stands out. The Seaweed & salmon sushi was right in between. The soft, in mouth melting salmon was delicious on its own, but the earthy and deep seaweed with sesame made it more complex and balanced.
The colourful & the simple sushi
NOTE: I have not put all pictures here as it would take a number of pages. Each time I eat at Gari I get something new. These above are just to whet your appetite.
Chef at the sushi bar
Cuisine: Japanese, specialises in sushi.
Visit: 2012 & 2013 (a number of times)
Address: Sushi of Gari has a number of locations in New York.
I usually go to these two:
370 Columbus Avenue (bet. 77th & 78th St.) New York, NY 10024; USA
Contact: Tel: +1 (212) 362-4816
347 W 46th St; New York, NY, USA
Contact: Tel: +1 (212) 957-0046
Opening hours differ so better check the website or call the restaurant.