The closer the Easter comes the more bunnies, rabbits and eggs I see around. From my email inbox to high street stores and shopping windows, these Easter chocolate creations are the hard to be missed reminder of this Spring celebration of the Christian holiest of holidays. Celebrating the end of lent with sweet chocolates is surely a great motivation for all of these fasting or restricting indulgences for the entire lent period. Something to look forward to relish through one’s taste buds.
Chocolate hen and chicks at Pierre Marcolini in Monaco
I am sharing some of my favourite chocolate finds I came across. Pierre Marcolini in Monaco each year impresses passers-by with new creations. Still, after five years being based in this mediterranean Principality, my favourite were these Easter chocolate eggs camouflaged as chickens with cute little chicks. I couldn’t eat them though, so cute they looked!
There were plenty of chocolate eggs at the Chocolate Festival in London taking place each Spring in front of the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank. This Easter chocolate egg with a graffiti like paint was the most interesting and original creation for me:
Hand-painted chocolate egg at the Chocolate Festival in London
The European shopping heavens such as the Selfriges in London also did not stay behind. I loved these Booja-Booja chocolate filled eggs. All made in the UK and decorated with floral and leafy paint on the egg casks.
Selfriges in London: Booja-Booja chocolate filled eggs
In France, there were some incredible creations from the Master Chocolatier Patrick Roger I saw during my recent trip to Paris:
Patrick Roger: Easter chocolate cocks
Traveling beyond the European borders, my inbox brought me some choco bunnies from the luxurious Vosges Chocolate based in Chicago:
Vosges Easter Chocolate-Bunnies
So which Easter chocolate, bunny or egg do you fancy the most? For me, it would be entertaining to stage an international Easter chocolate competition, and judge the creativity of the world’s best chocolate makers all in one space.