You are love

You are loved

I love you


The soul

In the dark

Hour of the night

∼ Joy

We all need self-love. Always reliable, independent. You are here for yourself and do not rely on any outside giver. You give yourself. It can be a painful realisation. Love hurts. The first time I found out, my eyes shed a few drops of ocean into the empty shell of my soul eager to accept any loving thought. I was open to share with it that vastest of all feelings. Out of love we open our minds and bodies to the expanded environment. In true love, we do not take away, we nurture and share our own love that we were able to harness within ourselves. I give my love to the blooming roses on the walkway, to the soaring birds in a park, to the playing kids on a field, to that stranger connecting with me through a wide smile while passing by. The love of yourself is infinite, boundless, lifting you like wings in soaring joy. Let’s give, not take and we will be richer than any lover sobbing on the shoulders of a conditional lover. Not only to our children we are fully able to give ourselves, trust and fear dissipate in the crystallizing energy of self-love. I composed this love poem and many others to inspire the love within you.

dance spiritMalibu hiking trails love poem

Yet, self-love is not selfish, it is self-less, and only without the ego’s attachment to one’s self, we can freely love ourselves, and then, perhaps, others.

Your heart is free

Nothing can cage it

NObody can own it

Love is light, soaring

On its wings wide

Gliding — one with all

The body and the soul

And everything


The air entering

Then emptying

The body full and light

Nothing matters

No fear can possess

Your mind in joy

Open your heart to the wonders out, so they liberate the imploding joy inside your bones. The soul is waiting, patient like a stone, for your happiness. Then what is yours is mine. My joy is the seed of yours.

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