Lumine is a poem about our inner light. Well, it is two poems that were born from different sources of incandescence. A candle lit in an Austrian mountain chalet sparked my inner calm, while an early sun casting its rays from behind a cloud, restlessly flicking on the vast water surface of the Pacific ocean, stirred powerful emotions of chaotic uncertainty needed for creativity in that very focused moment.

Luminescence is “the emission of light not caused by incandescence and occurring at a temperature below that of incandescent bodies“. Candle or the sun are incandescent bodies. Since in my as well as your mind anything is possible, these poems illustrate the power of imagination. From a heat source of light can spark the bright luminescence of human creativity (our bodies’ temperature is well below the visible ignition point). As in music, that spark creates emotions. In poetry through the soul of the poet transcribed in words, in painting the energy of colors and shades,  or in shapes and materials used to form a sculpture.

Fireplace in the Alps


Fear, like an ocean stream

Floods the shores of my heart

My throat tightens in your dark, gripping zeal

Vicious, paralysing emotions, an ordeal 

Stamped on all human lies


The sunlight walking on the water

Illuminates each day with honesty and hope

Moving clouds cover its strong, warming love

Their shield like night protects from naivety

For a dead drenched stomp is nothing but a piety 

Sometimes a good lie has the power to heal


These fascinating moments of engagement in temporary enlightenment or pleasure created by light transcend the invisible in incandescence into luminescence. One’s awareness of such a fleeting visual treasure as the shape of light, changing within seconds in time, charms the mind with the simple beauty of existence.

Our perception of natural change is palpable only because we live. In a few minutes it is gone.

The momentous reality of a lifespan – shorter for some species like flies, longer for humans and even more expansive for trees – shall humble our modern focus on future. We must plan and be responsible by saving resources for the worse times that surely will come, yet we must find joy here and now. Nothing else matters.

Scandinavian art

                                                                   Illuminating art at Thielska Gallery in Stockholm


The candle light in my room

Is my mind in a flowing bloom

Focused, steady fire of existence

Unless the mind shifts its cadence

Letting in the wind of ignorance


The candle light in my room

The knot goes on — melting 

The wax of thoughts, distraction

In my upper chamber of doom

The monkey is restless — questioning

Until its mind lasts


The candle light in my room

My will is stronger

The spark of inner light

My learning of my own anger

Its energy depleted, me fully living

My strength is not to be a tool


Feel the candle, a fire or the sun’s rays warming your skin, savour the pleasant moment that only you can continue or stop. Now you have the choice to make. The candle in the night is your calm state of mind that you can create by will to let go.

Imagine that you walk on the light reflecting on the sea or the floor in front of you. Stride on the lake’s surface, dip your toes into the light. Almost — like the desire of experiencing something magic, the proximity of that achievement in itself feels wonderful. Although we cannot realistically reach this mirage of light in flight, and it does not matter, we can create a moment with our own imagination that feels luminously great.

modern gas fire

The only forces that stop this fleeting creation walking away from us are the restless mind and time. The later, flowing away with the day is something we cannot change but accept. Yes, we can. Dip the mind into restful, mindful presence.

If you want to channel out your fire energy listen to Lumine, a powerful song composed by Barry Richard Goldstein.

I also mused about the power of light in our everyday life and art, and published a poem on light earlier this week that was inspired by the current need for positive energy. We live in a strange time, airlines grounded, theaters and restaurants closed, beaches sealed off and any group gatherings discouraged. Social isolation may feel dark even depressive for some vulnerable individuals. Globally, we need more spark from human creativity now more than ever since the gloom of the World Wars.

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