Minutes go by the clock

Aware of their sonorous passage

My joints conduct the cracking message


Biologically old,

My body is in the hands of God

Worn out from the daily transformation

My mind ages in contemplation of a regeneration


Thoughts, like the sun’s burning rays

The messengers of passing days

Penetrate the epidermis

Like cancerous cells

Into the brain — decay, thought

It ought to manifest, that thought


Charged with energy that fills atoms

Thinking nectar enlivens or poisons organs

But remembering that this space is all mine

An opportunity, emptiness to be filled,I own time

Positive and negative still ticking without a lock

I know now that I can wind the natural clock


Tic-tac, I changed the sound

So the clock goes by me 

Natural Clock is a poem on aging, pain and the power of the mindset.

I mused on time already, so read more if you are intrigued.

I was inspired by reading The Divided Mind by Dr. John E Sarno on body-mind relationship. Together with his medical colleagues, they healed over many decades patients with chronic pain, GIT inflammation and autoimmune diseases, all with scientifically unproven, unexplained cause. Their approach was formed through experience with their patients, not through the known scientific methods of testing objectively. The later in the case of belief and self-reported emotions are difficult to measure, simply for their subjective nature. Even neuroscience cannot grasp the full scale of the mechanisms involved in such self-healing.

A chronic tension in my neck and shoulders brought me to an experienced myofascial release therapist. Each time before he set his healing hands on me, we discussed health, pain, psychology and happiness. Upon each treatment I released all my tension, while guiding my breath freely through the body and meditating. No need for massage, muscle-relaxants or pain medication.

How to wind up our Natural Clock

Most pills are accompanied by numerous side effects, some potentially more harmful than the problem we used the medicine for. Patience pays off, and indeed for long-lasting results on human health it cannot be more true. Attitude and awareness count. Knowing what to do in the moment and that the positive mindset has a considerable power over our health set us for action.

I was curious if others could switch their attitudes and modes of healing from the quick fix to such accessible alternative solutions. Focused purely on the symptoms, most pills are not the cure, but a temporary relief. Time chimes differently for each of us, and the problem can resurface at any time.

I know from studying pharmacology, that the scientifically recognised placebo effect can be as potent as the medicine used to cure. Belief is a powerful tool that the human mind was blessed with. And we can use it for our benefit. Psychologists are puzzled by this phenomena since we do not have a proper method to measure the mechanism of beliefs.

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Tick-tock, tic-tac, tic-toc, … experience ticking

I am not a voracious self-help, magic promises, bestselling (mostly American) books consumer, yet when a personal experience agreed with what a growing number of very experienced health practitioners empirically observe, my curiosity was teased to investigate.

A documentary on Netflix, titled Heal, further opened this theme for me. The timing for watching this open-minded, case-driven, alternative approaches supporting production was ripe. About in the middle of the streaming, someone I know wrote me out of the blue about her husband’s diagnosis with cancer. In such a dire situation one needs more than hope. Belief in recovery is at least as essential next to all the necessary and tested medical therapy. I hope that this poem inspires not only life or death situations, but your everyday mindset as it shifted mine.

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Anyway, I still wonder. For most of known history, we counted time through the moving light of the sun as our planet turns from the cycle of a day into the dark night . The sun-dial was visually more aligned with the astrological origin of our time awareness. Don’t you think? Einstein certainly understood the relativity of space and time.

Somehow technology is shrinking our perception of space.

I feel that before our digital time counting, even the predecessor of the winding clock, the bell, allowed for more free space between the anchors of Earthly time. Thus our perception of time between the hours rather than the minutes and seconds announcing clock, watch and now mainly digital devices like our handy mobile phones was more special. Perhaps, that is why we are so rushed, fast-paced and can hardly rest today. We feel the squeeze of the clock acutely.