Today is the International Yoga Day (becoming one is its ultimate quest), the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year when the sun’s light graces our human existence on the Earth with the most open gate to connecting within the solar system, so the ancients in many diverse cultures believed. Stonehenge gets the most packed with curious souls on this day. It is also our ninth wedding anniversary. ‘Love conquers all’ was written on my friend’s wedding gown this past weekend. This latin proverb remains timelessly chiming in our consciousness. Love is about union and that is this fusion of separate entities is a higher level of shared existence humanity is capable of. Well, with some effort.

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Connecting this opportunity, the sun with my soul, I meditated this morning. Soon once again realising how wonderful is this simple tool accessible to all of us patient enough to find their inner space through breath, focus and giving ourselves a meaningful snippet of time from our day. This non-activity is creativity, ideas and soul-nurturing opportunity to squeeze into our packed schedules.

In the soulful moment of connection with my environment, when my nervous system was calmed, relaxed from its tensed activity of thinking, I opened the dam within. That unconscious content released into a flow of writing, which I am publishing unedited bellow. I was never afraid to make mistakes or to expose myself raw, uncensored, natural — simply how I am, but writing poetry brought me somewhere else. This is not me, most of my poems go beyond me, they transcend my ego and the self, they come from another plane and I cannot name it, is it the Muse knocking on my mind’s open door?

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NOW through character: From Sunrise to Sunset

What’s that we are unwinding 

in the evolutionary path

of life and death cycles

Is it a motion towards oneness?


A revolving setback

Towards our only Earth

the home we were born in

all equal, but for geography

To unite we must become selfless,

simpler, unpolluted, user-friendly

unblemished mass of flesh,

freed minds, irreducible hearts

that breathe as one existence

concurring in this unique place

in time filled with space

But, this is not humanity

diverse like the infinite

realm of the universe

So what are we doing now

in our intent extinction

of diversity — we annihilate possibility

of individual souls to colour this world

abundant with dispersion,

unfastened choices,

branched out multitudes

gagged by homogeneity!?

While there is always something

good in any bad thing and in reverse

the only difference being their relative quantity

the measure of evil against divine equanimity

Who builds the dam to protect us

from the upcoming sun-setting flood

that won’t soak into the dried up soil

we depleted, disrespected, exploited

in our blasphemy to shared existence?


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Grand Ocean: Anna-Eva Bergman

Symbol key:

≈ almost equal to

≅ approximately equal to

~ similar to

≠ not equal to

∩ intersection

∈ element of

∀ for all

Parisian architecture

From Sunrise to Sunset

This existential call rings up from our collective unconscious mind. In the current political, ecological, spiritual and technological turmoil, can the arts summon our strength, illuminate our conscience more effectively than conventional activism does? The arts have for some, liberated time by now expressed truths we must face — like the fission of our common existence. Through a multiform message system the participants communicate something important through shared awareness. I wrote about the importance of spiritual art already, but here I mean to stress the arts’ social role. Beyond beauty, concepts, selfish expression, there are questions in some great art tickling our conscience. We must engage.

Mountain in one line by Anna-Eva Bergman:

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Like Georgia O’Keefe and Anna-Eva Bergman, the later Norwegian-born artist, known more during her lifetime as being the wife (twice) of abstract German-French painter Hans Hartung, I am fascinated by mountains, pebbles and stones. Something dwells on their peaks. Is it the key, the solution to our current existential problems? I devour observing a nearby mountain horizon, so proximate that I can trace all of its curves, creases, riffs, it’s rocky flesh sometimes covered by trees, the lungs of the Earth. Its body is close, yet not suffocating. The mountain’s inviting distance inspires intimacy without claiming my space. Tall enough still to glimpse the pinks and purples before the sunset.

Currently, I am leafing through a fascinating biography of this challenged artist who lived through two world wards while suffering in hospitals due to her fragile health. Luminous Lives by Thomas Schlesser, the director of the Hartung-Bergman foundation in Antibes, is an account of her artistic, personal and spiritual journey towards her nonfigurative naturalist depictions that I was smitten by at this spring retrospective at the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris (MAM).