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Moored to the Mediterranean Eden, the Muse embarks on cruising the world. Through writing and photo journaling the millennial Aspasia meets Isabella Bird documents the reality of change.

“What I learned is that FREEDOM is the greatest wealth on Earth, spend it wisely.”

Be free, AWARE of the STOIC within and beyond YOU

Inspiration ~ the Muses

Reinvigorate your body and the soul


Bring pleasure to life: Be aware of biodiversity, shed guilt about responsibly made food, savour terroir in wine and genuine chocolate and relish the air with each inhale


Complement your wellbeing with healthy food, herbs, tea, spa and by slowing down: Open all senses to life and you will find youth in every moment. Harmony is graceful


Engage with each destination, its people and their lifestyle. Seek your soul places. Wander for authentic inspiration and learning: Traveling with an awareness is life’s greatest university


Enrich yourself through art, crafts, philosophy, intellectual pursuits, and flow creatively through daily necessities like cooking or thinking: Luxury is doing what feels great in the moment


Where does your mind wander?
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Recent Stories

KISMET: turning Hollywood dining upside down

KISMET: turning Hollywood dining upside down

KISMET is a locally sourced, contemporary bistro turning in food savvy Angelenos. Brisk, unpretentious, yet unique, past the star-studded boulevard on its quieter strip, at KISMET Eastern Mediterranean traditional cuisines ...
Contemporary, lively and diverse tea rooms in London

Contemporary, lively and diverse tea rooms in London

In my recent Top tea shops in London list I included my trusted, re-tasted best tea boutiques in the British capital. Still, there are some other good, diverse tea shops ...
Silvacane Abbey: one of the three Cisterian treasures in Provence invites culture in

Silvacane Abbey: one of the three Cisterian treasures in Provence invites culture in

I reached the Silvacane Abbey on the spur of aesthetic and spiritual curiosity. After being intrigued by the island monks habitat on an island in the Mediterranean this summer, I craved ...
white miso paste

Miso: mass-making the Japanese condiment versus your home’s unpredictability and traditionally barrel-aged miso paste

As one of the most important condiments in Japanese cuisine, miso is the pure embodiment of umami. What you taste in most of the commercially-made miso pastes, save for the ...

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