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Grounded in the Eden of the Mediterranean, I cruise around the world. Through writing and photo journaling I challenge stereotypes, yet accept the unavoidability of change.

Passion for sustainability, culture, integrity, respect for personal liberty, while preserving the richness of life are the ingredients for enduring happiness.

Dine at the finest restaurants, indulge in the rarest wines, but always balance your lifestyle with temperance to rejuvenate the body, mind & the Blue Planet.  Freedom is the greatest wealth on Earth, spend it wisely.

BE FREE and LIVE happily AWARE of the LOVE in YOU


Invigorate your body and soul


Bring pleasure to life. Be as mindful of biodiversity, delicious food, terroir expressing art like wine and gourmandise like chocolate, as the air we consume through each inhale


Complement your wellbeing with healthy food, tea, spa and by slowing down. Open all your senses to life & you will find youth in every moment. Harmony is graceful


Engage with the place, the nature, its people and their local lifestyle to find your soul places. Wander for joy, inspiration and learning. Traveling with awareness is life’s greatest university


Enrich your life through art, crafts, intellectual pursuits, and by engaging creatively in daily necessities like cooking. Luxury is when you can do what feels great in the moment


Where does your mind wander?
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Fine & Raw Brooklyn

Fine & Raw Chocolate: life tastes better with chocolate made in Brooklyn

The Brooklyn manufactory of Fine & Raw Chocolate is a spectacle blending in seductive aromas, churning machinery and hand-wrapping that happily ends in decadent chocolate hedonism. Their bean to bar, ...
Authentic Ayurveda in Europe at Parkschlösschen: awaken your health in German forest

Authentic Ayurveda in Europe at Parkschlösschen: awaken your health in German forest

For a luxurious yet authentic Ayurveda in Europe journey to Parkschlösschen in Germany. One of the oldest serious five-star Ayurvedic centres in Europe is set in the discrete solitude of the only ...
Marrakech: culture of the Red city

Marrakech: culture of the Red city

The first time I came to Marrakech I thought that it confused centuries. At dawn of the second millennium the souks in the old medina showed no trace of technology, ...
Tom Parker Bowles: The Year of Eating Dangerously

Tom Parker Bowles: The Year of Eating Dangerously

The Year of Eating Dangerously by Tom Parker Bowles is a belly-rising, conventional mindset challenging and palate-opening inspiration for adventurous travellers. The honest penmanship of the avowed British food writer ...

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