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The Muse cruises the world of myths and truths. A kernel of truth is the soul of every story, and so she documents the only sure reality – that of change – the rest is imagination. Do not rip it away, flow.

FREEDOM is the greatest wealth on Earth, spend it wisely

Be AWARE of the evolution within and beyond you, ACCEPT it and LIVE IN JOY

Inspiration ~ the Muses

This is La Muse Blue, the male and female, transcending anything extreme by finding balance in tamed curiosity


Embrace pleasure in life: Be aware of biodiversity, shed guilt by choosing responsibly made food, savor terroir in wine and genuine chocolate ~ Relish the Earth sustainably


Complement your wellbeing with healthy food, herbs, tea, spa and by slowing down: Open all senses to life and you will find youth in every moment ~ Harmony is graceful


Engage with each destination, its people and their lifestyle. Seek your soul places. Wander for authentic inspiration and learning ~ Traveling with awareness is life’s greatest university


Enrich yourself through art, crafts, philosophy, intellectual pursuits, and flow creatively through daily necessities like cooking or thinking ~ Luxury is doing what feels great in the moment


Where does your mind wander?
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Semilla: buzzing market cuisine for locavore foodies in Saint Germain

Semilla fills an authentic yet contemporarily-aligned french niche in Saint Germain created by the expats and tourists flocking into Cafe Flore, Brasserie Lipp et al. This millennial Parisian bistro has ...
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Invisible: Hiking the wild-side of LA and finding peace in nature

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LUST: desire judged by the unfree minds

LUST: desire judged by the unfree minds

Rumi, the adored Persian mystic, mused on the purpose of desire. Before him, most Eastern philosophies and religious dogmas entertained the trade offs of lust. Taoist, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, ...

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